LR Aloe Vera drinking gel with honey 1l

Original formula with added color honey – guaranteed quality for more than 10 years.

Long story formula:

  • 90% pure Aloe Vera gel, 9% colorful honey and vitamin C, which further aid the action of Aloe Vera
  • Based on the recipe of Father Romano Zago
  • Aloe Vera Gel with honey – unlike the original recipe, it does not contain alcohol
  • Instant treatment guarantees the best Aloe Vera gel

Our Aloe Vera with Honey Drinking Gel has been developed based on the famous recipe of Franciscan monk Romano Zago. It is known that the aloe gel combines more than one hundred valuable ingredients. Colorful honey serves not only to improve taste but also enhances quality. The positive properties of honey have been discovered long ago. Aloe Vera with honey has its own history and for more than 10 years since it has become an inimitable original.
Selected Ingredients: Aloe Vera Gel, Color Copper, Vitamin C.
Recommended intake: 3 x 30 ml daily

What is the greatest strength of Aloe Vera?
A juice containing more than 160 valuable substances (such as vitamins, essential fatty acids, amino acids, mono- and polysaccharides, enzymes, minerals, sterols, aminosaccharides, trace elements) can be harvested from Aloe Vera, which can be used both externally and for internal application.

How do I use Aloe Vera?
The usual recommended intake is 3 x 30 ml daily or 1 ml / kg body weight divided by a minimum of 2 doses during the day; in special cases up to 2 ml / kg of body weight, divided into at least 2-3 doses during the day. It is best to take Aloe Vera before meals (diluted with water). To ensure optimal absorption of ingredients, 15 minutes before taking Aloe Vera gel, it is necessary to avoid hot foods and beverages, alcohol and tobacco products.
How Long Can Aloe Vera Be Used?
All types of Aloe Vera gel can be used throughout life, also in combination with each other.
When should I be careful when taking Aloe Vera?
Pregnant women and nursing mothers should consult a doctor if they intend to take Aloe Vera gel. Also should not be used by people after organ transplantation.

Can the gel be given to children?
Yes. Because of the bitter taste, kids may not like the Aloe Vera gel. We recommend gradual implementation from the age of 5. Children should not take more than 1 x 20 ml daily. To improve taste, the gel can be mixed with water or fruity flavor. For children, we particularly recommend Aloe Vera drinking gel with a taste of peach without added sugar containing 98% pure gel.
Why was Honey added to the main version of Aloe Vera drinking gel?
Aloe Vera gel has a bitter taste. This is why LR uses the traditional recipe of Franciscan monk Father Roman Zago and adds pure, natural honey to the gel. Thus, the gel becomes delicious and, unlike other recipes, is also authentic. Aloe Vera with copper contains Aloe Vera gel (90%), natural honey (9%), stabilizers and a small amount of preservatives.

Why does the gel contain preservatives?
Around us, it is full of living, invisible micro-organisms. If they come into contact with a food product, they cause changes in appearance, smell, color, shape, taste and nutritional values. In addition, some microorganisms produce poisonous substances, toxins, which can be very dangerous for humans. Preservatives are substances that inhibit the growth of microorganisms and thus extend the shelf life and storage of the products.
By observing the recommended intake (approximately 90 ml per day), a bottle of Aloe Vera gel is about 11 days long. Once opened, it should be stored in a refrigerator and used as soon as possible.

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