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Sport – A Way of Thinking & Living!

In the hectic daily routine, in the windmill for survival and caring for tomorrow. In the bustle and the thousands of challenges that engage our time and attention … we forget for an imperfect day after day about an old and very true maxim: “A healthy spirit resides in a healthy body …”. Today, modern man seems to have forgotten to sport and devotes less and less time to himself.

Why do I need to keep a diet and sport …

Sports, man running

Sport is an important element in each of us. In most cases, rather than spending time on sports (because we think it was a waste of time …), we lie in front of the TV or laptop and have a meal to unload. It is, however, glad to hear that there is a growing awareness of a healthy lifestyle associated with nutrition and sports. We are talking about a culture of nutrition, selection and preparation of food .. to enter the kitchen does not mean simply to “put together” something in a hurry. The challenges there are quite large and culinary art is a whole art. We need to know when, how, and what to combine in our diet.

Together with him, it’s nice to do sports, everyone can answer themselves – Why …? – Because sport teaches us discipline, shapes in us qualities such as self-esteem and respect for others, tolerance and responsibility, concentration and ability to cope with the challenges in life, the pursuit of victory and the adequate acceptance of losses.

The sport affects:

Health. Sport, by its impact, is able to replace every drug, to cope with the stress. Good health is inextricably linked to movement. Regular training strengthens the body, improves conditioning, has a positive impact on the psyche, coordination and concentration capabilities.

Weight Loss. There is no better attenuation than what is achieved with sport. If we want to lose weight and be healthy at the same time, let’s do sports. If we hunger, we risk getting shedding of skin, and soon after the diet, we can bring back all the lost.

A beautiful body. We all strive to look good, appearance also affects our self-esteem. A beautiful body is not always a given, sometimes a little effort. The sport will sculpt our body. Even if we do not need to download or upload pounds, it will shape our muscles and we will look great.

Self-confidence. It begins and ends with the way we evaluate ourselves. The fact is that if we do not appreciate high and others will not. Positive changes in the body undoubtedly affect self-esteem. We feel more confident, more beautiful and better. We have the strength and the desire to deal with the challenges, and when we are in difficult situations, we make decisions more easily …

Discipline. The discipline is an important quality, it teaches us patience, work and perseverance. When we are disciplined we do better in life. It is through sport that we self-discipline and build lasting positive habits in our behavior.

Patience and perseverance. In order to have results, it takes patience and perseverance, without which nothing would ever happen. Day after day, exercising our favorite sport, we enjoy success, temper our character and will.

Relax. Sport releases us from negative energy and emotions. We feel loaded and toned. Our gaze is bright and fresh. Man feels reborn, there is a tide of energy and lightness in the movements … in two words “a new person” …

“Take care of your body – this is the only place you can live on …” – Jim Ron

These words sound very motivating, as motivation makes us take the first step on the way we want to go. Then we create habits to move forward, and for that purpose we need to clear our minds from “I can not do it, I will do it tomorrow, time has not come, etc.” … It is very important that one realizes that it is good to take care of yourself and your health, because no one else will do it.