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The Movement Apparatus of the Human Body: A Complex Masterpiece of Nature!

The combination for more freedom of movement: Movement and Nutrients

Research shows that anyone who moves regularly – in everyday life or in sports – not only improves their shape, but also increases their well-being. Especially our joints need regular movement, because through the movement the necessary nutrients are rubbed into the articular cartilage. Otherwise, the cartilage tissue degenerates.
In addition to regular exercise, a sufficient supply of nutrients is also very important for our musculoskeletal system. Our joints and bones need valuable substances such as vitamins C and D, as well as manganese. Vitamin C helps build collagen for normal articular cartilage function, vitamin D and manganese help maintain normal bone condition.

• Muscles are involved in every movement of the body.
• About 600 muscles support the body when walking and together with the bones and joints give it support.

• Tendons build the connections between muscles and bones.
• They consist of connective tissue made up of collagen

• Bones make up the structure of our musculoskeletal system.
• Important nutrients for bones are vitamin D, calcium and manganese.
• The German Nutrition Society recommends that you be extremely careful about getting enough vitamin D.

Synovial fluid
• The synovial fluid envelops the cartilage.
• It can help supply cartilage with important nutrients for the joints.

Articular cartilage
• Cartilage plays a key role in joint function.
• It consists of a network of cartilage cells and elastic collagen fibers.
• Extracts nutrients from the joint (synovial) fluid.