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Useful Tips & Guidance Articles

~ EYES ~ 
Application Steps, Tips and Color Choices


Step 1: First, apply the Eye and Lip Foundation on the eyelid.

Step 2: Depending on the desired look, apply different shades of eye shadow one after the other on the eyes, blending them well.

Step 3: Optionally put an eyeliner on the edge of the upper eyelid.

Step 4: Apply mascara on the lashes on the upper and lower eyelids.
Be careful to reach the inner, short lashes.

Step 5: The eyebrows are the frame of the face. Use the Perfect Stylist to shape them.

Step 6: Be sure to clean your makeup before going to bed.
To do this, use Lotion to remove eye makeup.

Step 7: To stimulate eyelash growth and have thicker and longer lashes, apply the Activating Eyelash Serum on the upper and lower edge of the eyelid.


For red eyes, avoid eye shadows with red and purple undertones, because they will look even more tired and watery.
In this case, stick to brown and gray tones without shades of red. Be sure to apply a light tone of eye shadow in the inner corner of the eye.
This opens the eye and refreshes.
Always be careful to create smooth transitions by blending with the Dá Víncí Brush.
Always finish makeup with mascara on the lashes of the upper and lower eyelids.

Déluxé Foundation For Voluminous Lashes

• Can be used as a base under any mascara
• Enhances the effect of mascara and gives incredible volume to the lashes
• Fine fibers in the white texture make lashes look longer and more defined

Déluxé Highlighter Liner

• Glamorous, radiant, vibrant colors
• 3D effect: lips look thicker
• With nourishing ingredients

Makeup Collection

With a Good Makeup & Brush,
Every Woman Can Be àn Ártist∫