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Signs and needs


As we age, our skin is exposed
to age-related changes. Leather
layers thin out, fat layers weaken as well as
collagen and elastin fibers. The blood supply
and in addition the supply of oxygen and food
substances slow down. These changes in the individual layers of
the skin lead to its relaxation and the appearance of wrinkles.


Wrinkles due to aging
They are formed due to the natural processes of
aging as cells no longer divide as much
quickly and accordingly new ones are not formed so quickly.
Thus, the intercellular spaces expand.
In addition, collagen structures are disrupted.
Optically, we perceive this as wrinkles.
Wrinkles due to lack of hydration
They also occur due to poor hydration care
the skin. Her skin lacks moisture even when not taken
enough fluids. Air conditioners and dry air
in heated rooms they also dry out the skin.
Fine lines and wrinkles appear.
Facial wrinkles
They are caused, for example, by frowning, smiling,
crying, frowning, raising eyebrows, etc. Because again and again, they strain one and
same muscle fibers, connective tissue loses
its elasticity over time. Thus lines and are formed
Wrinkles due to excessive sunlight
They are formed due to excessive UVA radiation on
unprotected skin. The epidermis is depleted, taken away
skin moisture, connective tissue, and collagen
structures are permanently damaged.


Skin aging is a problem that also affects women,
and men equally after about 25 years of age. Anti-aging products are most often offered for
age 30+. But it’s worth starting
with this topic and with the appropriate products from earlier. More
from the age of 25 we can start preventively
to counteract the natural processes of
skin aging.


Under the term “anti-aging” today
you may encounter a huge number of methods, procedures,
products and tips.
It is important to know the structure of the skin and the base
to find appropriate, gentle, but also effective
methods to counteract the signs of aging
on the skin.

ZEITGARD 1 Cleansing System

Radiantly clean skin in just one minute with the LR ZEITGARD cleansing brush! The innovative LR ZEITGARD cleansing brush is a real revolution in classic facial cleansing. It removes makeup and other impurities up to 10 times more effectively than manual cleaning without straining the skin.
• The brush and cleansing product are available in a version for sensitive skin and for all skin types
• Vibration / oscillation
• Gentle deep cleansing for every skin need
• The skin is optimally prepared to absorb care products
• Unique hygiene thanks to MICROSILVER technology in the brush fibers
• The skin looks smoother, much more radiant, and healthy
• Brush heads with heat-treated fibers with rounded edges
• The appliance is waterproof and can be used in the shower
• The distance between the individual fibers is purposeful definitely for faster drainage, better mobility and less accumulation of contaminants.

ZEITGARD 2 Anti-Age System Restructuring Kit

LR ZEITGARD 2 uses a combination of thermal / cryo-technology (heating and cooling technology) and vibration. These are two approaches known from dermatology, which are based on natural skin processes and adaptation reactions.

By changing the heating and cooling steps of the appliance, the blood supply (microcirculation) is stimulated. In this way, the anti-aging ingredients can cross the skin barrier into the deeper layers of the skin. There they can fully develop their regenerating, restoring and nourishing action.

The additional vibration helps transport the ingredients to the skin. Consecutive heating and cooling stimulate the supply of the skin with natural regenerating substances through the capillaries. At the same time, harmful substances are expelled from the skin.

• Safe and durable anti-aging solution for home use
• Quick and easy application
• LR ZEITGARD 2 and its technology are based on the physiological characteristics of the skin.

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