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~ What is Yoga ~


“Like a flower bud, human life has the potential to blossom completely. The full flowering of human potential is yoga. ” ~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Yoga is a science

Yoga is the science that leads to the path of knowing the human essence and its goal is to reach pure consciousness, peace, and bliss in us. Yoga reveals the hidden laws that govern the mind and gives us the means to deal with emotions such as anger, remorse, guilt, envy, fear.

When these emotions overwhelm us, our life energy is depleted, our body falls away, our mind is weakened. Through the techniques of yoga – physical and breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation, and through the application of knowledge in everyday life, we recharge our body and mind, gain valuable time for ourselves, our work, our family, and society. Yoga teaches us how to keep our balance when we are joyful and happy, and how to successfully go through stressful situations while maintaining self-control. Or simply put – through yoga we take care of our body and mind by touching our spirit (source), which energizes us and harmonizes our lives, makes us happier, calmer, and more successful.

Practicing yoga brings the mind to the present moment, relieves stress, balances emotions, and has a beneficial effect on the digestive, excretory, circulatory, nervous, and all other systems in the body.

The knowledge of yoga

The knowledge of yoga has its origins in ancient texts that date back at least 5,000 years. The ancient Indian sages in search of the essence of life reached a high level of consciousness and revealed the secrets of a healthy, happy, and harmonious existence.

The sages called this secret and sacred knowledge “yoga” and passed it on from teacher to student, avoiding its popularization. Yoga was available only to the Indian gods, just as the sacred nectar “ragweed” was a privilege only for the gods of Olympus. Modern man owes his knowledge of yoga to the ancient Indian sage Patanjali, who lived in the 2nd and 1st centuries BC. Patanjali gathers all the oral knowledge and practices of yoga in his famous book Yoga Sutra (Knowledge of Yoga).

Yoga today

Today, yoga is accepted as ancient teaching for achieving full physical, spiritual and moral health, a way to achieve harmony with yourself and others. Traditional medicine puts yoga first in the fight against aging. Yoga is for everyone regardless of culture, religion, qualification, nationality, or age. Regular yoga practice and the application of theoretical knowledge develop a person’s potential.

Yoga for everyone

Sri Sri Yoga is a light and effective program created with the inspiration of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, integrating the various paths of yoga and in particular hatha yoga, leading to the union of body, mind, and breathing. This Art of Living program is suitable for beginners and advanced of all ages. Beginners in yoga immerse themselves in a new sensation, and advanced ones consolidate their knowledge and enrich the beauty of the experience.! In just 10 hours, course participants learn how to deal with stress and their mind and how to recharge their bodies with energy. Sri Sri Yoga includes yoga postures, breathing techniques, deep relaxation, guided meditation, and easy-to-understand knowledge.


∫ Your Body is Your Temple ∫