In the hectic daily routine, in the windmill for survival and caring for tomorrow. In the bustle and the thousands of challenges that engage our time and attention … we forget for an imperfect day after day about an old and very true maxim: “A healthy spirit resides in a
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Original formula with added color honey – guaranteed quality for more than 10 years. Long story formula: 90% pure Aloe Vera gel, 9% colorful honey and vitamin C, which further aid the action of Aloe VeraBased on the recipe of Father Romano ZagoAloe Vera Gel with honey – unlike the
An important and always topical issue is the theme of a healthy lifestyle, which we want to lead despite many obstacles or arguments. In the special material of this topic, we present a healthy lifestyle philosophy that includes ten simple steps. It is by no means normative, but it is
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The pigment due to the color of the skin is called melanin. It is synthesized in the skin cells and serves to protect against ultraviolet rays. Hyperpigmentations or also called melanoderms represent an increase in pigment melanin in the skin. Among the most common hyperpigmentations are freckles (ephedides) and pigment
Royal Jelly vs. Honey Both royal jelly and raw honey have been harvested for centuries for both similar and different reasons. Royal jelly is typically used as a nutritional supplement, and we all know honey as a delicious natural sweetener for our morning toast or afternoon tea — and they