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  • Aloe Vera Nutri-Repair Mask Without Washing-out

    • With 60% Aloe Vera gel and bamboo bioextract
    • Creates protection from heat
    • Nourishes and hydrates the hair
    • Ideal for thermal styling (eg drying or straightening) or for occasional application – no rinsing
    • Especially suitable for dry and exhausted hair
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  • Collagen 90 tabs

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  • OZONE, Argan & Keratin Shampoo

    • Ozonated olive oil is enriched with keratin and agrarian oil.
    • Particularly effective for hair problems (irritation and eczema) and hair loss.
    • Ozone shampoo does not contain SLS-SLES, salt or paraben.
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  • OZONE Anti Hair Loss Serum

    • Hair Loss Serum has a special formula consisting of plantaffluid complex, beta-glucan, d-panthenol, salmetto and plant extracts.
    • It helps to accelerate the formation of hair that is separated from the hair follicles.
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  • OZONE Hair Care Serum With Argan & Keratin

    • It is applied with a massage of all hair. It is recommended to use 3-4 times a week.
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  • OZONE Hair Care Gel

    • Helps with scalp, hair loss and oily hair problems. The ozone gel stimulates the hair follicles and increases the number of cells, as well as the circulation of the head through oxygenation. It stimulates growth and prevents hair loss. In addition, it eliminates bacteria, fungi and skin infections from the skin, reducing the level of hair fat to normal levels.
    • Besides ozonized olive oil, it also contains garlic oil, almonds and aloe vera.
    • It is applied twice a week by massaging the problem parts. After the application is left for 10-15 minutes, then the head is washed with the ozone shampoo.
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  • PDC Dry Oil for Beautiful Skin & Hair


    Distinctive active ingredients
    Macadamia, almond, olive, grape seed, apricot oils are rich in the most important fatty acids, antioxidants, proteins, vitamins and trace elements.
    They are easily perceived by hair and skin, providing full care of their youth and beauty.
    Alpha bisabolol has an extremely soothing effect on the skin.
    It has an anti-inflammatory effect and accelerates the process of skin healing.
    Vitamin A participates in the regeneration of skin cells and reduces wrinkles, smoothing out unevenness on the skin and helping to remove dark spots.
    Vitamin E – “Vitamin of youth” is a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties.
    It strengthens the natural protective barrier of the skin and slows the aging process of the cells

    15 ml. / 0.5 fl.oz.
    glass vial with pipette

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  • Aloe Vera Baby Sensitive Wash Lotion & Shampoo


    • Extra mild, creamy wash lotion for sensitive skin
    • With 30% aloe vera gel, organic calendula extract and soya oil
    • Gentle, gentle cleaning
    • Protects the sensitive skin from drying out during cleaning and provides moisture
    • Without sulphates and perfume oil

    250 ml

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  • Sale!

    My Aloe Via Moments Set

    • Set of 9 Highlight Products + Aloe Via Moments bag
    • LR ALOE VIA Aloe Vera Gently Cleansing Hand Cream-Soap
    • LR ALOE VIA Aloe Vera Skin Refining Face Scrub
    • LR ALOE VIA Aloe Vera Instant Emergency Spray (small)
    • LR ALOE VIA Aloe Vera Moisturizing Concentrated Gel
    • LR ALOE VIA Aloe Vera Protective Cream With Propolis
    • LR ALOE VIA Aloe Vera Multi Active Day Cream
    • LR ALOE VIA Aloe Vera Refreshing Gel-Cream
    • LR ALOE VIA Aloe Vera Relieving Thermo Lotion
    • LR ALOE VIA Aloe Vera Extremely Fresh Tooth Gel
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