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  • Coloũrs Facial Cleansing Foam


    • The rich foam gently cleanses the skin and removes makeup
    • Hydrates and does not dry the skin
    • Suitable for all skin types

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  • Coloũrs Lipstick


    • Color and brilliance that enchant
    • From seductive red, through fabulous pink to natural brown shades
    • Nourished lips with vitamin E
    • Choose the color depending on the desired look and type
    • Suitable for all skin types

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  • Coloũrs Lip Balm


    • Gentle care for dry and sensitive lips
    • Protects and nourishes thanks to kupuasu oil and vitamin E.
    • Natural finish and nourished lips
    • Suitable primarily for dry and sensitive lips

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  • Coloũrs Lip Gloss


    • Ultra-bright colors and exceptional durability
    • Nourishes with vitamin E and rosemary extract
    • All 3 shades are suitable for every skin type and color

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  • Coloũrs Glossy Lipstick


    • The perfect combination of lipstick and lip gloss
    • Long-lasting and hydrating
    • With a tempting fruity taste
    • Practical system with rotation
    • Also suitable for dry lips thanks to the nourishing ingredients

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  • Coloũrs Lip Liner


    • Ideal for outlines and adjustments
    • Combines perfectly with Coloũrs lipsticks
    • Matte texture
    • Seven highly pigmented colors

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  • Déluxé Foundation for Eyes & Lips


    • Equalizes skin tone
    • Extends the durability of lipstick and shadows
    • Apply under makeup on the lips and eyes
    • Suitable for all skin tones and skin types.
    • Cracked lips should be well nourished beforehand

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  • Déluxé Highlighter Liner


    • Magical: makes all traces of fatigue disappear
    • Rich ingredients: amaranth oil, bisabolol, Australian myrtle oil and OptisolTM
    • Apply under the eyes, over the lips and on the unevenness
    • Easy dosing thanks to the precise system

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  • Dá Víncí Lip Brush

    • Handmade Lip Brush in Germany
    • With extra fine synthetic bristles and a practical handle
    • For uniform application of liquid and creamy make-up

    Dá Víncí Lip Brush
    With the handmade Lip Brush you can draw out the border of your lips clearly and precisely.
    Thanks to its soft synthetic bristles, it spreads evenly the lipstick color, giving the makeup a professional result, and irresistibly attractive lips.

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