Health is more than a business. With our powerful brands, we combine quality nutritional supplements to form individual solutions. The prerequisites for a good result:
nothing but the best from nature and science. Confirmed by renowned research institutes. For you and your health.

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  • Herbal Fasting Tea

    • Beneficial tea
    • Suitable for everyday use and optimal during diet
    • A special combination of different herbs, mate leaves and lapacho bark
      250 g (= ˆ about 100 cups)
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  • L-Recapin Shampoo


    • The dermatologically tested combined substances gently cleanses and protects the hair system.
    • Regularly use prior to administration of L-Recapin Tonic makes it the ideal preparation for the hair and scalp.
    • Ideal supplement: L-Recapin Tonic, because only permanent and regular use gives you optimum success.


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  • Mind Master Brain & Body Performance Drink – Formula Green


    • Helps protect cells from oxidative stress
    • Rich in valuable micronutrients
    • With Aloe Vera and valuable extracts
    • Suitable for all age groups to protect cells from oxidative stress.

    1 bottle → 500 ml (= ˆ 6 days)

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  • L-Recapin Set


    • Stops hereditary hair loss • Improves hair volume
    • Scientifically proven effectiveness of products
    • Special care for men with premature hereditary hair loss

    • L-Recapin Shampoo · 200 ml
    • L-Recapin Tonic · 200 ml
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  • Aloe Vera After-Shave Balm

    • A light, nourishing face balm
    • With 50% Aloe Vera gel and white tea bioextract
    • Reduces skin irritations and soothes them
    • Hydrates and nourishes
    • Suitable for every skin type
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  • Figu Active Shake Latte Macchiato

    • Each serving replaces a complete meal
    • Delicious meal replacement shake with a balanced ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats
    • With all the important vitamins, minerals and trace elements
    • With a pleasant vanilla taste
    • Lactose and gluten free
    • No added sugar * and preservatives
    • It can also be ordered as part of LR LIFETAKT Body Mission – Step by step to the desired weight
      450 g = ˆ 16 servings
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  • Aloe Vera Instant Emergency Spray

    • For stressed skin
    • Light spray for the whole body with an effective combination of 83% Aloe Vera gel and 12 tested herbal essences
    • Forms a protective film on exhausted skin
    • Soothes and cools
    • The skin is regenerated and regains its natural balance
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  • OZONE Analgesic Cream

    • Enriched with natural oils, it interacts with substances that cause pain in two ways – in the short term it creates a calming effect due to the oxidation of biomolecules and the long-acting antioxidant action stimulates the natural morphine system, reduces pain and improves the reflection of pain.
    • In addition to ozonized olive oil, it also contains thyme, rosemary, mint, mint, black seeds, mint, camphor, eucalyptus, almond, carnation, rosewood and ginger.
    • Helps with migraine, sinus, headache caused by stress, rheumatic pain, knee pain, joints and bones, stretching pain, stroke, muscles and bruises, back and neck pain, varicose pain, menstrual pain and colitis, pain in shoulders and arms, chest pain, pain due to lack of calcium.
    • Suitable for daily use and it is recommended to massage the painful area.
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  • ZEITGARD Serox Professional Eye Pads

    • Professional Eye Pads Beauty Studio quality
    • From freeze-dried collagen with active solution of Argireline® Gatuline Expression® and hyaluronic
    • Smooths expression lines
    • Intensive care for the eye area once a week
    • Poduct of the ZEITGARD Care System – Series

    Content: 4 x 2 Pads

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