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  • Herbal Fasting Tea

    • Beneficial tea
    • Suitable for everyday use and optimal during diet
    • A special combination of different herbs, mate leaves and lapacho bark
      250 g (= ˆ about 100 cups)
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  • Mind Master Brain & Body Performance Drink – Formula Green


    • Helps protect cells from oxidative stress
    • Rich in valuable micronutrients
    • With Aloe Vera and valuable extracts
    • Suitable for all age groups to protect cells from oxidative stress.

    1 bottle → 500 ml (= ˆ 6 days)

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  • Figu Active Shake Latte Macchiato

    • Each serving replaces a complete meal
    • Delicious meal replacement shake with a balanced ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats
    • With all the important vitamins, minerals and trace elements
    • With a pleasant vanilla taste
    • Lactose and gluten free
    • No added sugar * and preservatives
    • It can also be ordered as part of LR LIFETAKT Body Mission – Step by step to the desired weight
      450 g = ˆ 16 servings
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  • Fiber Boost Powder Drink

    • Fiber (fiber) against bouts of severe hunger
    • For the general well-being in everyday life
    • With the natural sweetness of stevia
    • Rich in fiber from 3 different sources
    • With the important microelement hormone for the regulation of blood sugar levels and for the metabolism of substances
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  • Protein Power – Vanilla Flavored

    • To support the muscles
    • Provides important proteins and other nutrients to maintain and increase muscle¹
    • With 80% valuable proteins from five different components (unique combination)
    • With magnesium and vitamin B6

    ¹Proteins help maintain and increase muscle mass.

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  • Pro Balance Tablets – Set of 3


    • A special combination of essential minerals and trace elements for the internal balance¹
    • A valuable combination of citrates, carbonates and gluconates
    • Lactose free
    • Suitable for all age groups.
    3 x 360 tablets

    ¹Magnesium helps reduce fatigue and exhaustion and maintain electrolyte balance

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  • European Pharmacy Online Omega 3 Vitamin D3 Vitamin K2 Vitamin E

    Omega 3 D3+K2 180 caps

    • Supports the action of the cardiovascular system
    • Supports the proper functioning of the brain
    • Has anticoagulant effect
    • Has a mineralizing effect for your bones and teeth
    • It helps in the proper functioning of the muscles
    • Has antidepressant effect
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  • Aloe Vera Drinking Gel Set of 4

    • For the common good
    • 90% gel from the leaves of Aloe Vera
    • Certified by SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS and IASC (International Scientific Council for Aloe)
    • Suitable for women and men of all ages.
    • Aloe Vera Drinking Gel WIth Peach
    • Aloe Vera Drinking Gel WIth Honey
    • Aloe Vera Drinking Gel Intense Sivera
    • Aloe Vera Drinking Gel Active Freedom
      4 x 1000ml
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  • Aloe Vera Drinking Gel With Honey

    • For energy metabolism, nervous system and immune system¹
    • 90% gel from the leaves of Aloe Vera and 9% valuable honey
    • The daily dose provides 75% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C
    • Extremely gentle production
    • Certified by SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS and IASC (International Scientific Council for Aloe)
    • For men and women of all ages.
      1000мl¹Vitamin C contributes to normal energy metabolism and normal function of the nervous and immune system.
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