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  • Déluxé Eye Makeup Remover Lotion


    • Two-phase system: a combination of nutrients and make-up removers
    • Removes waterproof makeup easily and without residue
    • Does not leave a greasy film on the skin
    • Nutrients care for sensitive and dry skin around the eyes
    • Suitable for ladies wearing contact lenses
    • Shake before use
    • Suitable for every skin type

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  • Aloe Vera Sunscreen Lotion SPF30

    • Cream for light skin
    • With 40% Aloe Vera gel
    • Protects the skin from UVA / UVB rays
    • Nourishes and hydrates intensively
    • For light and slightly darkened skin that needs moderate UV protection
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  • Aloe Vera Kids 3in1 Shower Gel, Shampoo & Conditioner


    • Gentle cleaning and care
    • 30% Aloe Vera for intensive hydration
    • Panthenol and peach bioextract nourish and protect skin and hair
    • Makes combing easier after bathing *
    • With the scent of tropical fruits for a real jungle feel
    • Produced without the addition of sulfates

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  • Aloe Vera Baby Sensitive Wash Lotion & Shampoo


    • Extra mild, creamy wash lotion for sensitive skin
    • With 30% aloe vera gel, organic calendula extract and soya oil
    • Gentle, gentle cleaning
    • Protects the sensitive skin from drying out during cleaning and provides moisture
    • Without sulphates and perfume oil

    250 ml

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  • Sale!

    My Aloe Via Moments Set

    • Set of 9 Highlight Products + Aloe Via Moments bag
    • LR ALOE VIA Aloe Vera Gently Cleansing Hand Cream-Soap
    • LR ALOE VIA Aloe Vera Skin Refining Face Scrub
    • LR ALOE VIA Aloe Vera Instant Emergency Spray (small)
    • LR ALOE VIA Aloe Vera Moisturizing Concentrated Gel
    • LR ALOE VIA Aloe Vera Protective Cream With Propolis
    • LR ALOE VIA Aloe Vera Multi Active Day Cream
    • LR ALOE VIA Aloe Vera Refreshing Gel-Cream
    • LR ALOE VIA Aloe Vera Relieving Thermo Lotion
    • LR ALOE VIA Aloe Vera Extremely Fresh Tooth Gel
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  • Aloe Vera Relieving Thermo Lotion

    • Warming and nourishing skin lotion for muscle cramps
    • 45% Aloe Vera gel and natural essential oils
    • Hydrates and nourishes
    • Stimulates the blood supply to the muscles
    • The muscular area relaxes and the skin becomes soft
    • Suitable for every skin type
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