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  • Coloũrs Compact Powder


    • Perfectly matte complexion – and for the road
    • Soft, light texture that brightens the skin and allows it to breathe
    • With pure minerals and Phycocorail®
    • Suitable for all skin types

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  • Coloũrs Loose Powder


    • Silky light texture for a natural look
    • Perfect fixation for beautiful, smooth skin
    • Transparent, suitable for any foundation tone
    • With pure minerals
    • Suitable for all skin types
    • Due to its transparency it is suitable for any skin color

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  • Déluxé Hollywood Two-Tone Powder


    • Yellow is ideal for morning freshness, erases shadows and unevenness and makes the complexion glow
    • Purple makes the complexion fresh and vibrant even in the evening – reflects light and revives gray skin
    • The make-up is fixed and the complexion is softened, even and radiant

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  • Déluxé Hollywood Multi-Color Powder


    • Ideal for every day and every skin tone
    • Yellow makes the complexion radiant and fresh
    • Beige evens out differences in pigmentation
    • Green masks reddish capillaries and pigments
    • The make-up is fixed and the complexion is softened, even and radiant

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  • Déluxé Velvét Touch Micro-Powder


    • High quality multifunctional powder
    • Light, microfine texture for a silky, transparent and even finish
    • Reduces shine and evens out skin tone

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  • Déluxé Perfect Powder Rougé


    • Silk powder, which gives an impressive color and shine
    • Harmoniously matte colors create fresh accents and emphasize the cheekbones
    • Two colors that can be used separately or mixed for countless color options
    • Both options are suitable for every complexion and skin type

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  • Dá Víncí Powder Brush

    • Handmade Powder Brush in Germany
    • With extra fine synthetic bristles and a practical handle
    • For uniform application of liquid and creamy make-up

    Dá Víncí Powder Brush
    Do the perfect make-up with contours and depth.
    Get a cool and natural glow to your face using the Da Vinci LR Powder Brush.
    The brush is suitable for uniform application of the powders.
    Its natural bristles have the ideal density that allows them to hold the proper amount of the powder and apply it evenly and gently.

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