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Aloe Vera Drinking Gel Immune Plus

(3 customer reviews)


• Specialist for strong immune system
• 85% gel from Aloe Vera leaves with 8% honey, 6% ginger and lemon juice
• Enriched with immunostimulating substances: vitamin C, zinc and selenium
• Unique overall action: strengthens, activates and stimulates immune system
• Light natural note of ginger


People who want to naturally strengthen their immune system long-term or seasonally. Especially people who are exposed to adverse weather conditions on a daily basis, as well as children and people who are in constant contact with many people.

LR LIFETAKT Aloe Vera Immune Plus Drinking Gel supports the body’s immune system. The synergistic action of the ingredients has an overall effect on the immune system, which makes it unique on the market.

Triple plus:
+ STRENGTHENS immune cells to protect against bacteria thanks to Aloe Vera gel, ginger, honey and selenium.
+ ACTIVATES the production of new immune cells and reactivates existing ones.3 In particular, zinc helps in the division and proliferation of immune cells.4
+ STIMULATES the immune system with vitamin C (which is also found in lemon and ginger) so that it can react faster to attacks.

This daily dose of “immune force” is not only effective but also delicious. Combines the light sharpness of ginger with the freshness of lemon and the sweetness of honey. The high quality of the product is constantly checked and certified by independent institutes such as SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS and IASC.

Intake Take 3 x 30 ml daily before meals.
For children under 12 years: 2 x 20 ml.
Aloe Vera Immune Plus Drinking Gel can be taken clean, diluted with water, slightly chilled or at room temperature.
In order not to affect the action of the ingredients, it should not be diluted with boiling water.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
Nutritional supplements are not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Keep out of reach of small children.

The immune system, along with the nervous system, is the most complex mechanism in the human body. It protects it from harmful external influences and without it we cannot survive.
A variety of cells are connected to each other like gears. However, when they do not interact so smoothly, the immune system weakens, slows down its reactions and the body is susceptible to attacks.
Useful prevention: In order to strengthen the immune system in the long run and to train the processes of immune defense, it is important that the body is supplied with the right vitamins and trace elements.

Thanks to its combination of ingredients such as acemanan, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, Aloe Vera is a truly versatile talent.

LR Aloe Vera The drinking gel strengthens, activates and stimulates the immune system and keeps the body’s processes in balance.

Ginger contains essential oils, ginger, resins and resin acids. It is also rich in vitamin C and contains magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, sodium and phosphorus. Ginger is believed to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Spicy substances stimulate the metabolism, activate and accelerate the reactions of the immune system through the intensive blood supply to the mucous membranes.

Honey has been used for thousands of years as a traditional home remedy for colds. According to the ancient Greeks, honey is a source of immortality because it contains many bioactive substances and antioxidants.

Lemon contains a lot of vitamin C and is therefore often used as a home remedy for colds.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C strengthens the immune system by protecting cells from free radicals and is involved in protecting the body from viruses and bacteria. In addition, it has a positive effect on many other processes in the human body.

Zinc activates the immune system. It belongs to the essential microelements and is also important for metabolic reactions.

Selenium activates the immune system. As selenium cannot be produced by the body, it must be taken daily.


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3 reviews for Aloe Vera Drinking Gel Immune Plus

  1. Alex

    I don’t really like the taste but it’s phenomenal how I feel after a few days drinking this aloe Vera drinking gel with ginger and lemon 🍋💪👏🏻

  2. Philip, Sydney, Australia 🇦🇺

    I like it a lot. A little bit bitter taste because of the ginger, but really healthy and beneficial.

  3. Meg, Philadelphia 🇺🇸

    Hi there 😊,
    I’ve decided to right this comment as I have tried the all options of drinking gel of this company LR for the past 6 years. And all I can say that I’ll never stop drinking them as the benefits of this product is phenomenal!!! I don’t get sick and it gives me the feeling of a healthy person.
    This last variant of aloe Vera drinking gel with Ginger as good as the rest of them and I really recommend it strongly!

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