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Aloe Vera Kids Magic Shiny Gel-Toothpaste


• Gentle cleaning and care of deciduous teeth
• 38% Aloe Vera for gum care
• Xylitol protects against caries, and calcium strengthens tooth enamel
• With a suitable amount of fluoride for children and a light mint taste
• The shiny gel texture turns every brushing into real fun


With 38% Aloe Vera gel, xylitol and calcium
• With a suitable amount of fluoride for children
• Takes care of the gums, protects against caries and strengthens tooth enamel
• No artificial sweeteners and preservatives. Dermatologically tested
From the appearance of the first tooth to 6 years of age

With Tom the tiger, brushing your teeth is now a pleasure.
The shiny gel with a light mint taste will appeal to children and will make them want to brush their teeth.
The paste cleans thoroughly and gently the deciduous teeth, which need special care in accordance with the age of the children.
38% Aloe Vera gel takes care of the gums, xylitol protects against caries, and calcium strengthens tooth enamel.
It does not contain artificial sweeteners and preservatives.
Confirmed by toothfriendly.

Since the appearance of the first milk tooth, once a day, apply a pea-sized amount of Aloe Vera toothpaste on a damp brush, brush your teeth and rinse your mouth well.
From the second year use 2 times a day.
Brushing should be done under parental control to avoid excessive ingestion.

The fluoride content of toothpaste is suitable for children (1000 ppm).
Xylitol is a sugar substitute that is gentle on teeth and prevents caries.
Reduces plaque formation.

Brush movements back and forth – this is how the chewing surfaces are cleaned.
Circular movements – the outer surfaces are cleaned with closed teeth.
Zig-zag movements – the inner surfaces are cleaned.

Sugar and acids damage tooth enamel:
– Fluoride helps to close bumps and prevent tooth decay
– Fluoride is more resistant to the action of acids than tooth enamel
– Fluoride stimulates natural remineralization with calcium and phosphate contained in saliva
– Fluoride inhibits the metabolism of bacteria and reduces their acid attacks


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