Aloe Vera Nutri-Repair Hair Mask

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  • With 15% Aloe Vera gel and Nutri-Oil-Repair complex of 7 oils
  • Nourishes and restores hair in depth, fills porous areas, restores strength and thus protects hair from breakage in the long run
  • Use 1-2 times a week instead of conditioner
  • Especially suitable for dry and exhausted hair
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The mask nourishes and restores the hair from the inside with the help of Nutri-Oil Repair Complex, consisting of 7 natural oils.
It regenerates hair in depth, repairing damaged 18-MEA and filling in porous areas.
In this way, the mask restores the strength of the hair and protects it permanently from breakage.
The surface of the hair is sealed and smoothed.

If necessary, use the mask 1-2 times a week to prevent further damage to the hair.
Massage a walnut-sized amount along the length and tips.
Leave on for 3 minutes and rinse.
It is best to use shampoo and conditioner every time you wash your hair.
For thermal protection, use the mask without washing.

Hair consists of nearly 2% lipids (fats).
Lipids protect the hair and give it softness and smoothness.
18-MEA (methyl eicosanoic acid) is the main component of lipids on the hair surface.
Negative external influences such as hair dye can destroy this oily layer and thus 18-MEA.
As a result, the hair becomes porous and weak.
The hair mask repairs damaged 18-MEA and fills the porous areas, while protecting the hair from further damage.

2 reviews for Aloe Vera Nutri-Repair Hair Mask

  1. Karisa, Louisville USA

    I write reviews veryyyyy rarely! This product however more than deserves even the laziest of humans to write a THANK YOU post! My natural hair is dry, curly, gets over heated with styling tools almost daily, is super damaged and now – highlighted too. Until I was introduced to this – my hair Chipped off in chunks. To explain it further – while brushing my hair – the ends were so badly damaged that they would chip off onto the floor as if I’m getting a haircut, same occurred if I ran my fingers through it. Most masks and conditioners did not help. They left my hair oily, greasy, sticky if not the same day then the next. That is until I found this product! I LOVE this product! My hair is manageable, it’s soft, it’s healthy, it’s shiny, it’s brushable, it’s not chipping off, it has life, bounce and volume. I have no clue how and what’s in it but I will say it did a 180 on my hair and self esteem. I’m reordering it now again + the rest products of the same serie. Beyond recommend!

  2. Catherine, Pittsburgh USA

    OMG. This worked better than I thought . My hair is grey and I dye and then do highlights . This time I left the bleach on too long and this completely restored my hair to better than ever before on the 2 nd using !!! Shines and bounces !!!!!

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