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Coloũrs Loose Powder


• Silky light texture for a natural look
• Perfect fixation for beautiful, smooth skin
• Transparent, suitable for any foundation tone
• With pure minerals
• Suitable for all skin types
• Due to its transparency it is suitable for any skin color

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• Fixes makeup without weighing down the skin
• Transparent mineral powder, suitable for every skin tone
• With pure minerals
• Suitable for all skin types

The silky texture of the Coloũrs Loose Powder allows fixing make-up and matting the shiny areas.
The contained minerals do not allow the powder to aggravate the skin, dry it or clog the pores.

Fixing make-up:
Lightly dip a soft powder brush in the powder, shake off the excess product in the box and apply in a circular motion on the face.

Baking method:
This means achieving a long-lasting and especially even look of makeup through the natural body heat.
First, apply concealer on the depicted areas and spread it on the skin with Dá Víncí Powder Brush or sponge.
Leave the concealer on for about 5 minutes and apply foundation on the same areas.
Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes and finally apply Coloũrs Loose Powder on the same areas.
After a while, pour the powdered areas with a large, soft powder brush.
To prevent the skin from drying out, apply a strong moisturizer at the beginning.

For the Baking method, first use Concealer Stick and Cream Võn Dé Ten or Võn Dé Ten With Non-Greasy Formula.


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