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LR ​Micro Silver Plus Dental Care Gum


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Experience the feeling of fresh cultivated teeth on the go
Maintain teeth three times a day, dentists recommend – in everyday life virtually impossible to implement.
With the new MICRO PLUS SILVER dental care chewing gum Busy supplement their grooming routine now noon ideal.

The MICRO SILVER PLUS dental care chewing gum helps in three ways:
• Reduces bacteria and prevents the formation of new ones
• Ensures fresh breath
• Ideal supplement to daily brushing
• The difference to conventional dental chewing gums is contained in Micro BG ™. The antibacterial agent convinced every day already thousands of users in the MICROSILVER PLUS toiletries LR.
• The most practical dental care in the world for the extra dental health. Combined with the toothpaste, the dental program for long-lasting kept teeth.

After eating at least 5 minutes chew. Ideal for use in combination with the MICROSILVER PLUS toothpaste for brushing your teeth morning and night.
Excessive consumption may cause a laxative.

Find out more:
The mystery of the antibacterial MICROSILVER PLUS products of LR is the unique active ingredient Micro BG ™. Consisting of pure silver powder with a highly porous, sponge-like structure he gives the products their MICROSILVER silver-gray color – an unmistakable sign of quality.
Silver for centuries already considered for effective protection against bacteria. Even the Persians should have a value placed on silver-coated drinking vessels and a silver coin in milk this should have lasted longer.

What is Micro BG ™?
In MICROSILVER BG ™ is a highly porous silver (silver powder, particle size about 11.6 microns) with a sponge-like surface structure.
It has a large, anti microbiologically active surface whose effect is utilized for cosmetic use on skin and in dental care in the products of the series MICROSILVER PLUS.
What is the role of micro BG ™?
Micro BG ™ is designed to reduce occurring on the skin and in the mouth undesirable microorganisms (eg bacteria) and to prevent them from coming back.
How Micro BG ™ made?
Individual silver atoms are ejected from a highly pure silver wire under vacuum and with current high strength, which then combine to form irregularly structured microparticles. They form the to be seen under an electron microscope sponge-like structure. The spaces between the microparticles are so small that we speak of nanoporous material. The resulting silver powder is highly pure and exhibits no traces of other metals.
Why should I opt for highly porous silver?
Our highly porous silver with the sponge-like surface structure and uniform particle size responds only to the skin and tooth surface. There is no penetration into the skin or mucosal tissue. The Micro BG ™ does not contain nano-particles. Side effects are not anticipated.

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