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Aloe Vera Baby Sensitive Wash Lotion & Shampoo


• Extra mild, creamy wash lotion for sensitive skin
• With 30% aloe vera gel, organic calendula extract and soya oil
• Gentle, gentle cleaning
• Protects the sensitive skin from drying out during cleaning and provides moisture
• Without sulphates and perfume oil

250 ml

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For babies and adults with sensitive skin.

Soft care and gentle cleansing for hair and scalp.
Makes combing easier – end of unpleasant pulling. With 30% Aloe Vera for intensive skin hydration, as well as calendula bioextract to soothe the skin.

Put some of the Cleansing Lotion and Shampoo on a soft body mat and clean the skin and hair gently.

Perfect in combination with all products from the Aloe Vera baby Care Series.

Always move the body mat in the direction from the forehead to the neck so that foam does not enter the baby’s eyes, as the blinking reflex is not as developed in babies as in adults.
Although Aloe Vera Cleansing Lotion and Shampoo is very mild, no one likes to get shampoo in their eyes.
After bathing, dry the baby’s hair and scalp by lightly pressing the towel without rubbing.


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