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LR Aloe Vera Skin Care Set

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Set includes:

• Day Cream, 50 ml
• Night Cream, 50 ml
• Eye Cream 15ml

LR Aloe Vera Day Cream

Effective moisturising cream 

The Aloe Vera Day Cream moisturizes the skin intensely – for a fresh appearance all day.

Efficient moisture cream with delicate scent-of pampering texture. The daily care for any skin that yearns for softness and comfort. Kiwi extracts refreshes the skin and contains Vitamin C. Produces radiant skin soft and comfortable for the whole day. Ideal make up base. Apply daily in the  morning to a cleansed face.

– With 50% Aloe Vera Gel
– Vitamin E and B5 to maintain and preserve elasticity
– Moisturizes the skin intensely
– Supports the cell activity
– For every skin type

Content: 50 ml


LR Aloe Vera Night Cream

Intensive nurturing of the skin during sleep

The Aloe Vera Night Cream supports the regeneration of the skin with vitamin C and E. For recovering skin in the morning.

The smooth texture and relaxation-oriented perspective fragrance forms a perfect harmony for intensive regeneration of your skin while you sleep. In the morning your skin looks new, rested, hydrated and revitalizedOrganic olive extract and olive oil to revitalize and moisturize the skin.

– With 50% Aloe Vera Gel
– Vitamin C and E regenerate the skin during sleep
– For every skin type

Content: 50 ml


LR Aloe Vera Eye Cream

Exclusive nurturing for the sensitive eye area.

The eye cream with magnolia extract soothes and combats eye puffiness and dark circles. The intensive moisturiser assists in forming the elasticity around the eyes and preventing those first signs of fine lines.

Exclusive care for delicate eye area. Provides the skin with intense moisture and prevents dryness and wrinkles. The magnolia extract isgentle, Haloxyl ® reduces dark circles and puffiness especially loss of elasticity and wrinkles. Use in the morning and evening gently under the eyes.

– With 50% Aloe Vera Gel
– Removes decongest dark circles and eye bags
– Intensive moisture makes the eye area more elastic and resilient
– With magnolia extract

Content: 15 ml

2 reviews for LR Aloe Vera Skin Care Set

  1. Mia

    The best I’ve ever used 😉

  2. Jess

    Just bought my second set of jars, I could see a difference after about 2 weeks of using this at night, and the day cream in the morning. My face soaked up the moisture and plumped up. It is much easier to apply make up and my skin feels soft and firm. It’s not a miracle, but no cream/serum ever is.I am very happy with these 3 products and will continue to use them. I recommend to all with dry aging skin.

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