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Dá Víncí Foundation Brush


  • Handmade Foundation Brush in Germany
  • With extra fine synthetic bristles and a practical handle
  • For uniform application of liquid and creamy make-up

Dá Víncí Foundation Brush
It helps you accomplishing a uniform and flawless result.
It is consisted of very soft hair, which serve for an even and effective application of Foundation – without using the fingers.
The flat, curved edge, shape of the brush enables it to reach every spots of the face, eyes, chin and nose.
An extra advantage: Its thin hairs mimic the acting of natural hair – they are particularly soft and gentle towards skin.


Brushes should be washed every 2-3 weeks to restore the shape of the hair and remove the remnants of makeup products.
To clean them, use either a brush cleaning lotion or the gentle Aloe Vera Cream Soap.
Put the cleaning product on your palm, moisten the brush and twist the hairs on your hand.
Wash the brush thoroughly until all cleaning residues have been rinsed.
Never let the brushes dry upside down – this way the glue that binds the hairs can dissolve.
Soak up the liquid with a towel and smooth the brush.
Place it lying on the edge of a table for 24 hours.


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