L-Recapin Set

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• Stops hereditary hair loss • Improves hair volume
• Scientifically proven effectiveness of products
• Special care for men with premature hereditary hair loss

  • L-Recapin Shampoo · 200 ml
  • L-Recapin Tonic · 200 ml
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L-Recapin shampoo cleans gently and gently.
It prepares the hair and scalp optimally for the application of the tonic L-Recapin afterwards.
The tonic L-Recapin stops hereditary hair loss by stimulating the blood supply to the hair roots, the hair stays longer in the growth phase and is better fixed.

Before applying L-Recapin tonic, wash your hair with L-Recapin shampoo.
Then pipette the tonic evenly over damp hair and scalp.
Massage the tonic in a circular motion and leave it on.
Optimal results are achieved only with prolonged and regular use of the tonic.

L-Recapin works with the innovative, special active complex Procapil®, which includes oleanolic acid, apigenin and BiotinylGHK.
This combination can counteract hereditary hair loss:
• Oleanolic acid extracted from olive leaves reduces damage to hair roots.
• Apigenin is a flavonoid derived from citrus fruits that stimulates blood flow to the hair roots.
• Biotinyl-GHK (a special protein containing vitamins) prevents damage to the hair roots, prolongs the growth phase and helps to attach the hair roots to the scalp.

Die DermaTronnier GmbH conducted a tonic study commissioned by LR with a 4-week application period of 20 participants (men aged 21 to 60 years).
Tonic Results:
76% of participants confirmed the effectiveness of the product and the improvement in hair volume.
The test subjects achieved an increase in the number of hairs (hair density), as well as an increase in hair in the anagen phase.
At the same time, the percentage of hairs that are in the telogen phase (the resting phase in the growth cycle) is reduced.
The study shows:
• L-Recapin slows down hair loss
• With the application of L-Recapin, the hair stays longer in the growth phase
• L-Recapin contributes significantly to better hair attachment to the scalp
• Thanks to the active Procapil® complex of L-Recapin, the hair roots are protected, strengthened and regenerated.

5 reviews for L-Recapin Set

  1. Georgi

    Simply the best on the market

  2. Hellen

    Using it 4 years so far, just very satisfied with both products

  3. Mathew, Boston 🇺🇸

    I bought my original bottle on Dec 29th 2016, Why? My thinning and loss of hair, After my research I found that there are too many carcinogens in every day shampoo. I used it 5-6 times a week. You say impossible but it only takes a few drops to do a good lather. Let it remain in your hair a few minutes before rinsing. My hair loss slowed and then finally became non existent in the first few months to this day. I will never use another hair product.

  4. Valeria, Sydney Australia 🇦🇺

    It is incredible just how good this shampoo is. I had used it after an unfortunate incident with hair coloring that damaged and altered my hair leading to a significant hair loss. It worked wonders. I used it faithfully and experienced rapid hair growth and my thickness came back. Fast forward a couple years. And now…I am in perimenopause and my hair is just not the same. Started using it again with combination with the tonic…the results are so amazing I just ordered another 2 bottles and I am never going back to drug store shampoos! Love, love, LOVE this products! Thank you for helping me to feel like a young woman again!

  5. Nancy, Jacksonville

    This product works for my baby fine, thin, short hairstyle. This is the only product so far that I have tried that works and I am 63 years young. Love, Love, Love this product. My hair looks and feels thicker all day long.

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