Microsilver Plus Tooth Paste

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  • With antibacterial and antiviral MicroSilver BG ™
  • Protects against tooth decay and plaque
  • Prevention of periodontitis
  • Removes bad breath
  • The mineral hydroxyapatite builds tooth enamel
  • Especially suitable for problematic teeth, sensitive gums and bad breath
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• Prevents the formation of caries and plaque
• Prevents inflammation of the gums
• The mineral hydroxyapatite builds tooth enamel

Product for cleaning and caring for sensitive teeth and gums.
Prevents the formation of caries, plaque and gingivitis (prevention of periodontitis) and reduces bad breath.

In the morning and evening or if necessary, brush your teeth thoroughly for at least two minutes.

  • Tips for additional use:
    Against bad breath:
    Put a strip of LR MICROSILVER PLUS toothpaste on the tongue and leave it to act.
    Thus, it acts as a mouthwash and removes the bacteria that cause bad breath.
    Then rinse your mouth well.
    Cleaning the interdental spaces:
    Apply LR MICROSILVER PLUS toothpaste on an interdental brush and clean the sensitive interdental spaces, leave it on for a short time and rinse.
    Strengthening tooth enamel:
    Massage some of the LR MICROSILVER PLUS toothpaste with an interdental brush on the gums and leave to effects.

• Prevention of periodontitis
• Microsilver EN ™: reduces bacteria in the oral cavity
• Dexpanthenol: soothes sensitive teeth and gums
• Zinc: stimulates the healing of inflamed gums and oral mucosa, restores mineral surface teeth and helps for strong and healthy teeth

Confirmed effectiveness:
90% confirm gum stabilization
Reduction of inflammation / bleeding gums by 16.67%

With LR MICROSILVER PLUS Toothpaste and Dental Chewing Gum we offer a perfectly combined complete protection program for healthy teeth and gums.
The ingredient MICROSILVER contained in the products effectively reduces the bacteria that cause dental problems.
Recommendation for effective prevention throughout the day.

Patent №: DE 10 2010 063 720


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  1. Maria

    THe best tooth paste ive tried.

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