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Innovation against the signs of skin aging With LR ZEITGARD 2, as part of its Anti-Age management, LR has placed a cornerstone in cosmetic skin care. By combining cosmetics and products, the promise of “LR ZEITGARD – for timeless Beauty” takes on a new dimension. This combination focuses on the skin’s natural metabolic processes, which can be stimulated with the help of an anti-aging device.

Based on physiological processes Due to various individually determined factors (insufficient sleep, nicotine, stress, poor nutrition, sunlight, etc.), as well as due to natural aging processes, wrinkles appear and smooth and firm skin inevitably remains in the past. When applying various anti-age products by hand, only the outermost layer of the skin (epidermis) is reached, but thanks to the innovative combination of the LR ZEITGARD 2 device and complementary cosmetic products, the deeper layers of the skin can be reached. To make the skin look younger, it is necessary to treat and nourish the deeper layers – especially the dermis, where collagen and elastin fibers are located. Collagen and elastin are natural substances for the skin that give it elasticity and firmness.

LR ZEITGARD 2 is an innovative device for optimal skin care. It allows more intensive and deep treatment. The main part of the LR ZEITGARD 2 device is a stainless-steel plate, which thanks to innovative technology can be used to care for aging skin. The innovation here is the combination of thermal technology and vibration. At the touch of a button, the stainless-steel plate is heated to 42 degrees or cooled to 5 degrees. Optionally adding the vibration function serves to activate the skin.

LR ZEITGARD 2 uses a combination of thermal / cryo-technology (heating and cooling technology) and vibration. These are two approaches known from dermatology, which are based on natural skin processes and adaptation reactions.

By changing the heating and cooling steps of the appliance, the blood supply (microcirculation) is stimulated. In this way, the anti-aging ingredients can cross the skin barrier into the deeper layers of the skin. There they can fully develop their regenerating, restoring and nourishing action.

The additional vibration helps transport the ingredients to the skin. Consecutive heating and cooling stimulate the supply of the skin with natural regenerating substances through the capillaries. At the same time, harmful substances are expelled from the skin.

• Safe and durable anti-aging solution for home use
• Quick and easy application
• LR ZEITGARD 2 and its technology are based on the physiological characteristics of the skin

Studies commissioned by LR show that 95% of testers see optimized absorption of active ingredients when using LR ZEITGARD 2 *

The changing ideals of beauty and the desire for young and vibrant skin engage the attention primarily of women, but increasingly also of men. In modern society – along with daily requirements, lack of time and the emergence of new and new harmful influences – it is important to find a system that is most effective, tailored to individual needs and time-consuming to easily integrate into everyday life.

LR ZEITGARD is an innovative, comprehensive form of effective and long-term facial care. In order to achieve optimal results, the products from LR ZEITGARD Anti-age Management rely on a combination of innovative technology and cosmetics based on physiological processes. The innovative technology in this case is modern beauty appliances. Observations of the natural processes in the skin serve as a basis for the development of highly effective care products, as well as a basis for the development of technology. The overall LR ZEITGARD Anti-age Management is based on the LR ZEITGARD philosophy. To meet all skin needs, the LR ZEITGARD philosophy is divided into three complementary steps. The motto is: Cleansing the skin in depth and in accordance with its age and type of care in just 5 minutes.

Younger skin with three perfectly matched steps:


The basis of proper and effective skin care is thorough cleansing. In the first step, deep pore cleansing is achieved with the help of the LR ZEITGARD 1 device and specially combined cleaning products in the form of gel or cream. It is recommended to clean the face with LR ZEITGARD 1 for 1 minute.


As a second step includes specially developed anti-age products, which in combination with the innovative device LR ZEITGARD 2 soften wrinkles and make the skin look younger. Anti-age products such as LR ZEITGARD Anti-Age System Moisturizing Cream Gel or LR ZEITGARD Anti-Age System Restructuring Cream Gel are specially tailored to different skin requirements and can purposefully and long-term reduce the signs of aging. Thanks to the principle of heating and cooling, the innovative LR ZEITGARD 2 device allows the transport of anti-age ingredients in the deep layers of the skin, and the additional vibration function optimizes the process. In addition, the microcirculation in the capillaries is stimulated so that they can be better prepared against harmful influences. 4 minutes are enough for this comprehensive care.


In addition to the first two steps, the LR ZEITGARD Care System with its individual upgrade care supports the long-term results and completes the overall therapy. With the help of specially developed products for daily and special care, the skin is protected and permanently more radiant. Depending on your needs and desired results, you can choose from a variety of effective care products suitable for everyday use.

LR ZEITGARD Anti-age Management with its three steps is a closed skin care system. In principle, each step can be performed regardless of the previous or next. But for optimal results, the three steps can be considered as part of an overall anti-aging management. The cleansing with the LR ZEITGARD 1 device and the anti-age procedure with the LR ZEITGARD 2 device are preparation of the skin at the highest technological level before applying the tailored daily care with the LR ZEITGARD Daily Care and Special Care products.

When it comes to skin, LR does not take any risks. Before being offered for sale, all products and appliances are tested for months in various studies and tests for their effectiveness and safety. To this end, LR staff in the field of research are constantly collaborating with internal and external experts. In addition, LR has been working with research institutes such as Dermatest® for many years. All this scientific competence allows LR to develop effective, safe and innovative products for its customers.

• LR ZEITGARD 2 Device

• Anti-Age System Eye Serum
• Anti-Age System Restructuring Gel-Cream

Signs and needs

As we age, our skin undergoes changes caused by aging. The skin layers become thinner, the fat layers weaken, as well as the collagen and elastic fibers. The blood supply and at the same time the supply of oxygen and nutrients is slowed down. These changes in the individual layers of the skin lead to its relaxation and the appearance of wrinkles.

Wrinkles due to aging
They are formed due to the natural aging processes, because the cells no longer divide so quickly and, accordingly, new ones do not form so quickly. Thus, the intercellular spaces expand. In addition, collagen structures are disrupted. Optically, we perceive this as wrinkles.

Wrinkles due to lack of hydration
They also occur due to poor hydration skin care. Her skin lacks moisture even when not enough fluids are taken. Air conditioners and dry air in heated rooms also dry out the skin. Fine lines and wrinkles appear.

Facial wrinkles
They are caused, for example, by frowning, smiling, crying, frowning, raising eyebrows, etc. As the same muscle fibers are tensed over and over again, the connective tissue loses its elasticity over time. Thus lines and wrinkles are formed.

Wrinkles due to excessive sunlight
They are formed due to excessive UVA radiation on unprotected skin. The epidermis is depleted, the skin is deprived of moisture, connective tissue and collagen structures are permanently damaged.

Skin aging is a problem that affects both women and men equally after about 25 years of age. Anti-aging products are most often available for ages 30+. But it is worthwhile to start dealing with this topic and the appropriate products from earlier. From the age of 25 we can start preventively counteracting the natural aging processes of the skin.

Under the term “anti-aging” (“against aging”) today you can find a huge number of methods, procedures, products and tips. It is important to know the structure of the skin and on this basis to find appropriate, gentle, but also effective methods to counteract the signs of skin aging.


LR ZEITGARD 1 is an innovation on the market for deep skin cleansing.

Step 2 of the program is another innovation from LR to preserve the beauty of the skin:
LR ZEITGARD 2 – a combination of cosmetic device and technology based on the physiological properties of the skin – takes care of effective and tangible change of skin appearance through a daily procedure for care in just a few minutes. In addition, a full range of daily care products tailored to different needs provides the perfect finish to an effective skin care system, especially needed with age.

You can also check the full set with the Cleansing systems:

LR ZEITGARD 1 Cleansing System for Sensitive Skin + LR ZEITGARD 2 Anti-Age Restructuring System

LR ZEITGARD 1 Cleansing System for Sensitive Skin + LR ZEITGARD 2 Anti-Age Hydration System


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