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ZEITGARD Anti-Age System Restructuring Cream-Gel

(2 customer reviews)


• Specific facial cream for firmer-looking contours
• The wrinkle depth can be reduced, the skin looks plumped and rejuvenated
• With innovative formula of H2O and Ultra Patch Filling Spheres
• For experienced skin
• Product from the ZEITGARD Anti-Age System Series
50 ml


• A combination of active ingredients specifically designed to maintain more mature skin
• Skin care from the inside out
• Can reduce the depth of wrinkles

For mature skin. The product can be used by both women and men.

With age, the skin loses its firmness, facial contours relax, connective tissue loses its elasticity, vitality and density. Therefore, special care is needed to give structure to the skin in depth. The restructuring gel-cream LR ZEITGARD Anti-Age System supports the cellular structures with the help of deeply active active complexes. It contains firming ingredients that are especially important for thicker skin layers such as the cheek area. The goal is for the ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin to replenish it from the inside out.

The LR ZEITGARD Anti-Age System Restructuring Gel Cream can be used depending on the needs of the skin and the desired results for the cheek and / or forehead area. These areas are treated immediately after the one-minute treatment of the eye area. The forehead area is treated with wavy movements, starting from the top left and ending down to the right, which are repeated 10 times. This is done for 30 seconds with the heating function and another 30 seconds with the cooling function. Thus, the forehead area takes one minute. The procedure for the cheeks is performed in two steps. Each cheek is treated from the cheekbone towards the tip of the nose, along the nasolabial fold and finally to the chin. For each cheek, 30 seconds are provided for the heating phase and 30 seconds for the cooling phase. Thus, a total of two minutes are needed for both cheeks. The spatula is used for dosing the cream-gel.

The combination of PatcH2O ™ and Ultra Filling Spheres for mature skin can help reduce the depth of wrinkles. PatcH2O ™ and extremely high concentration of Ultra Filling Spheres support the skin from the inside out. The combination of PatcH2O ™ hydration supply and the absorbing ability of Ultra Filling Spheres, which increase their volume with the help of moisture, works against the visible results of the skin’s aging processes. The complexion and structure of the skin look significantly fresher and smoother. The skin looks visibly firmer, softer and more elastic.

Optimal results will be achived with
LR ZEITGARD 2 Anti-Age System Devise

Innovation against the signs of skin aging With LR ZEITGARD 2, as part of its Anti-Age management, LR has placed a cornerstone in cosmetic skin care. By combining cosmetics and products, the promise of “LR ZEITGARD – for timeless Beauty” takes on a new dimension. This combination focuses on the skin’s natural metabolic processes, which can be stimulated with the help of an anti-aging device.

Based on physiological processes Due to various individually determined factors (insufficient sleep, nicotine, stress, poor nutrition, sunlight, etc.), as well as due to natural aging processes, wrinkles appear and smooth and firm skin inevitably remains in the past. When applying various anti-age products by hand, only the outermost layer of the skin (epidermis) is reached, but thanks to the innovative combination of the LR ZEITGARD 2 device and complementary cosmetic products, the deeper layers of the skin can be reached. To make the skin look younger, it is necessary to treat and nourish the deeper layers – especially the dermis, where collagen and elastin fibers are located. Collagen and elastin are natural substances for the skin that give it elasticity and firmness.

LR ZEITGARD 2 is an innovative device for optimal skin care. It allows more intensive and deep treatment. The main part of the LR ZEITGARD 2 device is a stainless-steel plate, which thanks to innovative technology can be used to care for aging skin. The innovation here is the combination of thermal technology and vibration. At the touch of a button, the stainless-steel plate is heated to 42 degrees or cooled to 5 degrees. Optionally adding the vibration function serves to activate the skin.

LR ZEITGARD 2 uses a combination of thermal / cryo-technology (heating and cooling technology) and vibration. These are two approaches known from dermatology, which are based on natural skin processes and adaptation reactions.

By changing the heating and cooling steps of the appliance, the blood supply (microcirculation) is stimulated. In this way, the anti-aging ingredients can cross the skin barrier into the deeper layers of the skin. There they can fully develop their regenerating, restoring and nourishing action.

The additional vibration helps transport the ingredients to the skin. Consecutive heating and cooling stimulate the supply of the skin with natural regenerating substances through the capillaries. At the same time, harmful substances are expelled from the skin.

• Safe and durable anti-aging solution for home use
• Quick and easy application
• LR ZEITGARD 2 and its technology are based on the physiological characteristics of the skin

Studies commissioned by LR show that 95% of testers see optimized absorption of active ingredients when using LR ZEITGARD 2 *

2 reviews for ZEITGARD Anti-Age System Restructuring Cream-Gel

  1. Tiffany

    Very good anti-aging restructuring cream

  2. Jess

    I’m using the anti-aging zeitgard device with this cream and its fantastic 🌟👍🏻

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