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ZEITGARD Brush Head Classic


• Replacement brush head for ZEITGARD Cleansing Device Classic
• Cleans facial skin for all skin types, especially effective with pores*
• With unique MICROSILVER technology built into the brush filaments
• For daily facial cleansing
• Part of the innovative ZEITGARD Cleansing Systems

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• Replacement brush head for ZEITGARD Cleansing Device for Normal Skin

Deep pore skin clean- over and over again

The MICROSILVER technology secures your ZEITGARD Cleansing Device Classic for optimum service life. After about 3 months, however, you should replace the brush head to achieve the best possible cleaning results.

The ZEITGARD Brush Head Classic assures you the wow factor of ZEITGARD Cleansing Device Classic over and over again. Simply replace the used brush head and attach a new one, Voila! Your brush is like new!

The antibacterial MICROSILVER technology of the individual brush filaments (bristles) protects the brush from bacteria after application and makes cleaning with the ZEITGARD Cleansing Device Classic so uniquely hygienic.

* Scientific study conducted by the renowned Institute Dermatest GmbH. Application period: 6 weeks (late January to early March 2015), Number of volunteers: 40

To change the brush head, you just pull the used head off and put the new one on. The brush head clicks audibly into place with a click. Done.




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