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ZEITGARD Serox Complete Set

(2 customer reviews)


Set from the ZEITGARD Serox Care System Series:

  • ZEITGARD Serox Serum for Instant Results 30ml
  • ZEITGARD Serox Cream For Intensive Result 50ml
  • ZEITGARD Serox Anti-Wrinkle Care 15ml
  • ZEITGARD Serox Professional Eye Pads: 4 x 2 pads
  • ZEITGARD Serox Lip Optimizer 15ml
  • ZEITGARD Serox Instant Skin Perfector 30ml



The exclusive and perfectly combined combinations of active ingredients against facial wrinkles in the area of the eyes, forehead and nose provide significantly more volume and elasticity.

For women…
… after the age of 35
… with facial wrinkles in the mouth, eyes and forehead
… who regularly use the services of beauty salons and want to use professional care at home
… who want smooth facial skin
… who want to reduce wrinkles due to dryness
… who want to have a fresh look
… who want to achieve an immediate visible and tangible anti-age effect

Argireline® is a small protein that blocks the release of signaling substances from nerve endings (synapses) in the nerve pathways. In this way, temporary muscle relaxation is achieved. Nerve and muscle cells, so to speak, cannot communicate with each other. The muscles of the face relax. The appearance of facial wrinkles is reduced.
Ameliox® is a liposome complex that consists of carnosine and antioxidants. Ameliox® accumulates between the helical collagen fibers to keep them upright. In addition, the complex hinders
damage to collagen fibers. The skin remains supple and vibrant. Antioxidants protect against oxidative stress. In general, the skin is smoothed and facial wrinkles are reduced.
Hyaluronic Filling Spheres® are microspheres of freeze-dried hyaluronic acid. These spheres penetrate the skin. When they come in contact with water, they swell and fill in the wrinkles on the inside.
Almond Protein Biopolymer® smoothes facial contours.

Serox serum and cream were tested by 30 women aged 45 to 54 years in a study by Dermatest GmbH for a period of 4 weeks. • 93% confirm that with the serum the skin looks fresh and young • 89%% confirm that with the serum the skin looks smoothed and firmer • 86% confirm that with the cream the skin feels optimally nourished and firmer • 86% confirm that the combination of serum and cream makes the skin look smoother and younger • 76% of study participants say that wrinkles around the eyes look softer • 69% of study participants say that forehead wrinkles look softer • 69% of study participants the study indicates that wrinkles around the mouth appear to be softened.

The Set Include:

2 reviews for ZEITGARD Serox Complete Set

  1. Lisa, Vancouver BC, Canada

    I discovered this amazing line of facial products when I was on the hunt for a replacement for the more expensive products I had been using. Instant appeal when I discovered they leave out so many toxic ingredients out of their line, including parabens, sulfates and petroleum – but this, they use so many natural, soothing ingredients! 
    My favorite product out of this set is the Serum for Instant Results. My skin has gotten drier over the past few years, and this leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and hydrated, but not oily. My skins also appears brighter afterwards. Afterwards, I noticed my pores look a lot smaller. So good! 
    I find that the Cream For Intensive Result is the perfect anti-age cream for my combination, but mostly drier skin. It truly does soften the appearance of my skin. My 82 year old mom even loves these products, too! Before, I could not get her to use a specialty face cosmetics, but after trying these, she enjoys them so much! This set does wonders for the texture of her skin! 
    I make sure to put on the blue sleeping anti-age mask before bed each night (unfortunately not part of this set). Over the past month, I have noticed that my dark spots have lightened in appearance. My husband and niece have both commented on how my skin looks better and “glows”. She asked what I used because she wants to try the products now, too! 
    I can’t wait to add more of the Zeitgard products to my anti-aging arsenal! Plus, they are affordable, smell divine, and include so many natural, soothing ingredients. Highly recommend!

  2. Karen

    Simply the BEST!!!!!

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