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Multivitamin GOLD with Probiotics For Kids

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Natural multivitamins for children derived from fruits and vegetables. They enhance immunity and care for the function of the gastrointestinal tract. Fine Chewable Tablets with Delicious Orange (Cherry Flavor Available).

INSTRUCTIONS ON USE: For Children over 2 years: 2 chewable tablets daily.

Animal Parade ® Natures Plus Kids Series   | A world leader  in the production of natural Vitamins and Supplements

Fine animal-shaped chewable tablets and great orange flavor.

Multivitamin GOLD is the best-selling complex brand product for children over 2 years of age. See why:

  • They contain the perfect combination of natural vitamins and minerals (from AZ) to boost immunity.
  • They have a beneficial effect on the digestive system and metabolism, thanks to a clinically tested complex of enzymes and three types of probiotics.
  • Contribute to reducing the stress on children’s eyes from the radiation of phones, tablets and artificial light, using natural carotenoid – lutein.
  • Specially enriched with the most effective form of Vitamin B-12 (Methylcobalamin) for proper mental and physical development of toddlers.
  • With added essential fatty acids for optimal development of cognitive ability and concentration.

Multivitamin GOLD is the recipient of the most prestigious awards in the category “Vitamins for Children” in the US for 2009, 2012, 2013 and 2017.

What sets Natures Plus ® apart  from other products on the market ?

  • Unmatched high quality and efficiency of ingredients.
  • Proven natural origin backed by a Certificate of Analysis.

2 reviews for Multivitamin GOLD with Probiotics For Kids

  1. Lindsay, Davenport 🇺🇸

    My kids love this vitamins 😃

  2. Mónica, San Francisco, California

    The best care for my children!

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