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Night Master

(7 customer reviews)


Men and women of all ages who have trouble sleeping.

  • Fall asleep easier thanks to its relaxing effect
  • Sleep deeply through improved sleep quality
  • Wake up refreshed through optimised regeneration overnight
  • With Aloe vera, saffron and hop extract.
  • Contains L-tryptophan, magnesium, zinc and B vitamins.
  • Free from gluten, lactose and sugar
  • 100% vegan
  • Made in Germany
  • Quantity: 111g – 30 Sticks a 3,7 g each
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LR LIFETAKT Night Master is a drink for better sleep, which, when taken regularly, naturally takes long-term complete rest during sleep.

The unique triple effect supports the body’s sleep rhythm:
• Sleep faster because of better relaxation
• Sleep deeper because of improved sleep quality
• Wake up rested for optimal regeneration during sleep

Highly effective formula with natural and scientifically proven ingredients.

It is not addictive. 100% vegan. Free of gluten, lactose and sugar.

Mix the contents of one sachet in 100 ml of water and drink 30 minutes before bedtime.
Night Master has a natural refreshing cherry flavor.
It can also be taken after brushing your teeth, as it does not contain sugar.
We recommend taking one whole sachet a day for a minimum of one month (one pack contains 30 sachets).
Long-term intake for optimal action is recommended.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

If you can’t sleep because of cold feet, you can warm them nicely with the Aloe Vera thermal lotion.
The LR ZEITGARD night mask with a highly concentrated complex of active ingredients provides care and regeneration for the skin at night.

LR LIFETAKT Night Master improves the quality of sleep and supports the natural production of the sleep hormone melatonin in the body. Many factors contribute to good sleep, with melatonin levels being crucial. Melatonin regulates the rhythm of sleep and wakefulness. Proper concentration makes us feel tired and helps us fall asleep quickly and sleep well.

Night Master Improves Your Sleep Quality In The Long Run.

Do you often fall asleep badly, have problems sleeping through or feel completely exhausted and tired the next morning? Lr Lifetakt Night Master provides a long-term restful, regenerative sleep and thus contributes to the improvement of the quality of life.

Night Master relaxes body and soul in the long term if taken regularly and lets you fall asleep faster. Relaxation and peace for body and soul are key to falling asleep quickly. Without them, thoughts do not come to rest and muscles cannot relax.

It improves your sleep quality and supports your body’s natural production of the sleep hormone Melatonin. Many factors contribute to a good sleep. The Melatonin level is crucial. Melatonin regulates sleeping and waking phases. In an appropriate concentration it makes you tired and lets you fall asleep quickly and sleep through the whole night.

Lr Night Master improves natural recovery for body and soul during sleep so that you wake up fit and well rested and recharge your batteries for the day.2 Regeneration during sleep is essential: We process information, impressions and stimuli while we are sleeping. Growth hormones are released that stimulate muscle growth and repair mechanisms. The immune system can also recover.

Night Master – Natural recovery during sleep

A restful, regenerative sleep is essential for people – for body and mind. The right combination of nutrients can additionally support sleep. In addition, even small adjustments in everyday life can do a lot of good things for a restful sleep.

Expert Tips:

Internal organs also have their rhythm. Pancreas and intestines e.g. B. switch to low flame at night. Therefore, the timing and amount of food have an impact on sleep quality and recovery value. Remember that after the last meal, the body has many hours to digest. At least during the week, plan your evening meal so that you are still well-saturated but do not go to bed fully. There are also foods that can help us sleep.

Way of life
The more active you spend the day, the better you can sleep at night. Do not sit for more than 20 minutes at a time. Get up more often. The trip to the coffee machine or the toilet also counts. If you do not go out regularly or can do sports, you should plan small movement units of 1-2 minutes during the day. Then the stress can not settle so easily in the body.

Many influences from inside and outside affect our sleep. It is worth optimizing them. Because our quality of sleep depends on our immediate well-being and, in the long term, our health. Little things can have a big impact here.

Night Master Ingredients & Effects

Night Master contains important natural ingredients such as Aloe vera, saffron and hop extract. In addition, it contains L-tryptophan, magnesium, zinc and four B vitamins.

Aloe vera supports build-up and regeneration processes during the night and helps you wake up refreshed. It also enhances the utilization of other active ingredients in the body and thus increases the bioavailability.

Saffron helps you falling asleep faster, improves sleeping quality and recovery during the night.8,9 In addition, it reduces anxiety.9 Saffron contains antioxidants among other ingredients. Responsible for this are the secondary plant substances in saffron such as carotenoids. They are called crocin and crocetin and are responsible for the yellow colour of saffron.

L-tryptophan belongs to the essential amino acids and cannot be produced by the human body but must be absorbed through food. L-tryptophan is the precursor of serotonin (also known as happiness hormone), which in turn is converted into the sleep hormone melatonin.

The mineral Magnesium is involved in virtually all body functions and thus influences e.g. muscles and nerve cells. In addition, it is also responsible for the conversion of the essential amino acid L-tryptophan into serotonin as well as for the melatonin production. Melatonin is the sleep hormone that controls the body’s sleep-wake rhythm.

Zinc in Night Master is a vital trace element and the second most common in the human body. It is responsible for several metabolic processes: Zinc for example plays an important role during regeneration such as the growth processes of the body and the strengthening of the immune system. Zinc is also involved in the formation of serotonin and its conversion into melatonin.

B vitamins are also called nerve or energy vitamins. They play an important role in the formation of serotonin and melatonin and thus contribute to the body’s own natural sleep-wake rhythm.
Niacin (vitamin B3) regulates the energy metabolism in the cells (mitochondria) and contributes to regeneration.
Vitamin B6 is important for the amino acid metabolism and is involved in the production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and the immune system.

Thiamine (vitamin B1) supports the regeneration of body and soul.
Vitamin B12 supports cell division and thus promotes natural regeneration. It reduces tiredness and fatigue in a long term.

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1, Double Pack, Set of 3

7 reviews for Night Master

  1. Sandra

    Love it

  2. Victoria

    It helps a lot and I have to say it’s like 1000 times better than everything I’ve tried so far

    • admin

      Thank you for your great comment Victoria.

  3. Nancy

    I have really hard time getting asleep but since using this product after 8 days I can say it’s really working for me

  4. Monika

    I like the taste

  5. Roger

    I don’t have problem with falling asleep but with the quality of my sleep, before I start using this product I was waking up at lease 4 times per night- not anymore, thanks!

    • admin

      Thank you for trusting us with this product Roger.
      Actually Night Master is our best selling product 3 months in a row!

  6. Kevin, Victoria Canada

    This is a great product. It helps me fall asleep faster, and I noticed after few days that I sleep better as well. I prefer the packets than the ready made bottles products. The packets are easier to store and travel with. Thank you Night Master!

  7. John, San Francisco CA 🇺🇸

    My sleep issue is not falling asleep, but going back to sleep when I awake after three or four hours. My son suggested I try this powder. I did sleep all night, and I woke up feeling rested. Since then, I’ve not stopped using it, which seems to give very satisfactory results. In addition to falling asleep a little more quickly, I go back to sleep easily and wake up feeling rested every day. I also think this dries up my allergies a little, which is a good side effect.

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