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OZONE Factor Soft Gel Capsules

(10 customer reviews)


  • It destroys bacteria, fungi and viruses in the body.
  • Activates and balances the recovery systems (including vessels) in the body.
  • Increases the ability to transport oxygen to the blood by 2 to 10 times.
  • Activates the body’s antioxidant systems and reduces the intensity of lipid peroxidation.
  • It accelerates the circulation in the capillaries by losing blood.
  • Helps the blood system.
  • Prevents liver congestion.
  • Increases the amount of enzymes and biologically active substances that decrease as you age in the body.
    15g / 30capsules
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• It destroys bacteria, fungi and viruses in the body.

• Activates and balances the body’s recovery systems (including vessels).

• Increases the ability to transport oxygen to the blood by 2 to 10 times.

• Activates the body’s antioxidant systems and reduces the intensity of lipid peroxidation.

• Speeds up circulation in the capillaries through blood loss.

• Helps the blood system.

• Prevents liver congestion.

• Increases the amount of enzymes and biologically active substances that decrease as they age in the body.

• Has an analgesic effect, relieves pain in the body (even chronic pain).

• Blood flow leads to a normal level and allows blood circulation to be regulated by expansion.

• Stabilizes high blood pressure within 2 to 10 days after use and maintains it at normal levels.
Treats circulatory disorders like varicose veins and relieves pain.

• Reduces the negative effects of smoking.

• Strengthens and regulates the immune system. Increases the amount of oxygen in the tissues.

• Regulates the alkaline acid of the blood.

• Increases cellular metabolism, allowing cellulite to be expelled from cells.

• Prevents intimate sclerosis and lowers membrane cholesterol.

• Reduces blood sugar.

• Prevents platelet aggregation.

• Prevents the aggregation of formed blood cells.

• Increases oxygen supply to brain cells.

• Eliminates problems such as loss of balance, severe headaches, visual disturbances and speech problems and memory loss caused by obstruction of the blood vessels.

• Increases the secretion of the happiness hormone (endorphin) and juvenile hormone (melatonin) in the brain.

• As the amount of oxygen released from brain cells increases, neurons begin to produce abundant energy, metabolism increases, and communication between them becomes more intense.
Therefore, the gel capsule is effective against diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.
Because brain cells work better with a lot of oxygen, it also improves physical activity.
For example, hormonal mechanisms take effect (in women with menstrual disorders, hormones are balanced, menstrual problems are eliminated, and the reproductive cycle is regulated (and in men).

• In women, it cleanses the uterine wall, moves the ovaries and improves their function. and egg quality is increased.
Eliminates menstrual disorders and menstrual pain.
Balances hormones.

• By improving blood circulation and oxygenation, it improves male productivity, ie. increases the quality, motility and number of sperm.

• Helps with fatigue, insomnia, lack of energy, problems with concentration and chronic fatigue.

• Increases body resistance.

• Regulates sleep problems.

• It is effective in chronic urticaria and general allergy.

• Quickly removes bacteria from Helicobacter pylori that cause gastric ulcer and thus remove it.

• Regulates digestion and eliminates the problem of constipation.

Olive oil Olive oil is a nutritious natural oil extracted from olives, the fruit of an olive tree that is rich in healthy fats.
About 24% of the oil is made up of saturated fat and omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids.
But the dominant fatty acid (by as much as 73%) in olive oil is a monounsaturated fat called oleic acid, which is extremely healthy.
Oleic acid is thought to help reduce inflammatory processes in the body and at the same time can have a beneficial effect on cancer-related genes.

Extra virgin olive oil is extremely nutritious.
In addition to being rich in beneficial fatty acids, the oil contains vitamin E and K.
Olive oil also contains powerful antioxidants.
These antioxidants are biologically active and can help fight serious illnesses.
This means that antioxidants fight inflammation and help prevent the oxidation of cholesterol in our blood, and these are two of the most important risk factors for preventing heart disease.

What is Ozone?
Olive oil provides numerous benefits for heart health. It lowers blood pressure, protects LDL particles from oxidation, and has a beneficial effect on many other risk factors. Some studies suggest that olive oil can help fight Alzheimer’s disease, but at the moment these are just assumptions, because more studies are needed to confirm this. Both observational studies and clinical studies have shown that olive oil combined with Mediterranean diets may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Olive oil has antibacterial properties. Studies have shown that oil is particularly effective against Helicobacter pylori, a type of bacteria that can cause gastric ulcer and stomach cancer. Some scientists believe where ozone has therapeutic effects and technical beliefs are supported by the fact that the therapy has been studied and used for more than 150 years and almost yields positive results. Ozone is naturally found in the stratosphere on the side.
Its primary purpose is to prevent the Earth from UV light, which it does because it absorbs the smallest particles of radiation. In medicine, ozone therapy is used to disinfect, treat disorders by disinfection in a given area, improve the uptake and use of oxygen in the body, and activate the immune system.

100% Ozonized Olive Oil. One capsule contains 50mg of ozone.

The product is not intended and recommended for use by children under 15 years of age.
Not recommended for people with hyperthyroidism.
It is not suitable for use in patients with Fevizem (GL-6-F dehydrogenase deficiency), which is accompanied by an enzyme deficiency in red blood cells.
Not suitable for patients with advanced anemia and blood related diseases (hemophilia, coagulopathies).

One capsule daily on an empty stomach in the morning or at bedtime.
Consume more water.
The nutritional supplement is not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet.
The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.

10 reviews for OZONE Factor Soft Gel Capsules

  1. Silvia

    Great product! Even after the first pack, the effect is really remarkable!

  2. Susan

    I am a new person since I drank it … I feel much more vibrant, my sleep is much healthier, and my facial skin is as fresh as a 20-year-old🤗 I recommend it! 👍🏽

  3. Jessica

    I’ve been drinking the product for three months now and I’m feeling really good

  4. Veronica

    I’ve been drinking ozone for the fifth month. I feel great. I recommend it

  5. Emi

    Really nice product

  6. Chris

    I’m not expert , but this is what actually works against bacteria and viruses-ozone. This is what I’m hearing all over the news lately and also what was used in China’s hospitals during the epidemic there.
    I’ll give it a try

  7. Alex

    I’ve just ordered for second time. I’m satisfied and think it’s working.

    • admin

      We are happy to hear that you were satisfied with this product.

  8. Jamie

    Interesting, I’ll give it a try, just order it with the other red fruit vitamins. Let’s see how are working together…

    • admin

      Thanks for trusting this products. You will be amazed how good they are working combined for your immune system.

  9. Maria

    All I can say it is worth it!

  10. Alexa

    This is good product

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