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ZEITGARD Blue Light Defender

(3 customer reviews)


  • Intelligent face serum against digital aging
  • Protects against skin aging and skin irritations caused by blue light
  • Reduces existing wrinkles and has an antioxidant effect
  • For a young and radiant skin
  • With spirulina extract and blue lotus extract


This intelligent serum protects the skin from premature aging caused by blue light.
It penetrates deeper into the skin from UV rays and is emitted from the screens of all digital devices such as TVs, telephones, computers, etc., but is also part of daylight.
Blue light can cause, among other things, oxidative stress and damage to DNA and skin cells and thus lead to premature aging – the so-called. digital aging.
The LR ZEITGARD BLUE LIGHT DEFENDER serum with spirulina extract and blue lotus extract protects the skin from digital aging through its unique triple action:
Reflects blue light:
The color pigment phycocyanin contained in the spirulina extract absorbs blue light and reduces redness and reduces protective shield – for ideal protection against premature aging and skin irritations.
Captures free radicals:
Blue lotus extract neutralizes free radicals and thus counteracts oxidative stress – for skin with a radiant and young look.
Restores the skin:

The enzyme photoliasis contained in the spirulina extract repairs the damage to the skin cells already caused by the blue light and thus prevents the premature formation of wrinkles – to significantly reduce existing wrinkles.

Apply one pump of serum evenly on cleansed skin in the morning.
After about a minute, you can apply your usual day cream on the serum.

The LR ZEITGARD BLUE LIGHT DEFENDER serum builds effective protection against digital aging and a perfect base for daily skin care. After that you can use Multiactive Day Cream, LR ZEITGARD Beauty Diamonds Day Cream, LR ZEITGARD Nanogold Day Cream or LR ZEITGARD Platinum Anti-Aging Cream.


Spirulina algae have been around for over 3.5 billion years and are among the oldest plant organisms on the planet.
Like other plants and algae, they produce oxygen, thus contributing to life on Earth.
Blue-green microalgae have their own mechanism of protection against blue light and that is why they are the model of nature that was used in the development of LR ZEITGARD BLUE LIGHT DEFENDER.
Spirulina extract contains mainly the enzyme photolyase and the pigment phycocyanin.
Photolyase repairs any damage to skin cells caused by UV and HEV rays.
Phycocyanin protects the skin of the face from new damage by absorbing and reflecting blue light.

The Blue Lotus (Nymphaea Caerulea) is a symbol of immortality and eternal youth.
It is the most sacred flower in Egyptian culture, used as a medicinal plant in Egyptian medicine and is much loved for its captivating aroma.
With its strong antioxidant action, it is a perfect addition to the spirulina extract in LR ZEITGARD BLUE LIGHT DEFENDER.
Blue lotus extract perfectly captures free radicals and neutralizes them.
This is how it works against oxidative stress and its effects on our skin.
In addition, it offers optimal cell protection, has a moisturizing effect, soothes skin irritations and redness and improves skin elasticity.

3 reviews for ZEITGARD Blue Light Defender

  1. Carry, California USA

    I have dry mature skin, and moisture is the key to a youthful texture and tone to ones skin. I believe in serums as I’ve used them for years. I highly recommend this serum!

  2. Macy, San Francisco USA 🇺🇸

    Super serum. My job is mainly on a computer and I’m using this serum 7months already and I have to say it’s the best I have ever tried.

  3. Tamy, Honolulu Hawaii USA

    My daughter absolutely love that brand products! Tells me that they are the reason she is more beautiful then I am!

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