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ZEITGARD Nanogold Day Cream

(1 customer review)


• Luxurious silk texture
• Nourishes and pampers the skin throughout the day
• With nanogold and silk proteins as UVA protection against premature skin aging
• With special complex Aglycal®, TIMP-Peptiden® and Uvinul A plus®

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• Can prevent sun-induced skin aging
• Protects collagen fibers
• Protects against UVA rays (SPF 15

This luxurious, gentle-textured facial care product can help prevent premature aging caused by sunlight.
It nourishes and pampers the skin throughout the day.
The combination of active ingredients keeps the skin elastic.
It is also ideal as a make-up base.
With nanogold, silk proteins, special Aglycal® complex, TIMP-Peptiden® and the active ingredient Uvinul Aplus® *, which protects from UVA rays. (SPF 15)

Every morning after cleansing the face, apply Nanogold Face Tonic.
Then apply Nanogold Day Cream, which spreads very easily.
You can then apply makeup.

Aglycal prevents uncontrolled adhesion and adhesion of damaged collagen structures.

Optimal effect is achieved when combined with the Night Cream from the Nanogold series.

1 review for ZEITGARD Nanogold Day Cream

  1. Karena, Calgary Canada

    Love that the cream is very light – rubs on smooth and dries quickly. Just started using it and my skin is already feeling the difference.

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