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ZEITGARD Serox Lip Optimizer

(3 customer reviews)


  • Balm for more voluminous and sensual lips
  • Gives the lips up to 15% more volume
  • Visible reduction of lip wrinkles
  • Tighter and better shaped lip contours
  • Rich, nourishing texture – easy to apply


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• Up to 15% more voluminous lips *
• More nourished and sensual lips
• Visible reduction of lip wrinkles
• Very rich texture – easy to apply

For both young and older – suitable for anyone who wants more volume, anti-age protection and more lip care.

Lip Optimizer helps for more volume and better shaped lip contours. This is usually done by forming new cells and enlarging the existing fat cells in the lips. The contained Ultra Filling Spheres ™ have an anti-age effect. Moisture stays longer in the skin and thus the lips look more voluminous, more sensual, and wrinkles are visibly softened. In addition, the rich texture with sunflower wax, shea butter, acacia wax and vitamin E maintains the balance of the natural protection of the lips, ie. hydrobalance and lipid balance. The lips no longer look dry and cracked. The effect of Lip Optimizer is felt immediately by light pinching.

If necessary, apply repeatedly during the day on the lips.

Proven effectiveness *
• More voluminous and sensual lips
• Up to 15% more voluminous lips
• Visible reduction of lip wrinkles
• Tighter and better shaped lip contours
• Rich, nourishing texture – easy to apply

3 reviews for ZEITGARD Serox Lip Optimizer

  1. Jasmine, L. A. CA, USA

    I really love this product. I was told by a friend who tried it and had amazing results. It’s been two weeks and my lips are nice, naturally pink and look amazing!!!

  2. Danielle, Charleston USA

    I bought this because accidentally saw it this website and I wanted to try it out. My lips are actually already big but I was definitely able to tell the difference in my top lip after I applied it. I’d buy again!

  3. Bethany, London UK 🇬🇧

    I was amazed that this product really works! Thought I’d give it a try when it arrived yesterday and put it on. In a few moments my lips were shiny and plump. No need for lipstick or lip gloss at all. The product is three in one – as it plumps, glosses and enhances natural lip color. Definitely worth trying. So glad I did!

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