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ZEITGARD 1 Cleansing System for Sensitive Skin + ZEITGARD 2 Anti-Age Restructuring System

Suitable for every age group with sensitive skin. For women and men.
Gentle, deep cleansing of the facial skin with vibration / oscillation technology
• Up to 10 times more effective cleansing that does not burden the skin – in just 1 minute a day
• Unique hygiene thanks to the MICROSILVER technology in the brush bristles
Innovation against the signs of skin aging
• Safe and durable anti-aging solution for home use
• Quick and easy application
• LR ZEITGARD 2 and its technology are based on the physiological characteristics of the skin

    ZEITGARD Platinum Anti Aging For Men

    →Skin Relaxation:
    Platinum matrix-em® stimulates the formation of collagen fibers in the skin and thus improves elasticity.
    →Optimal Hydration:
    Glacier water from the Swiss Alps, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E provide the skin with optimal hydration.
    →Against shaving irritation:
    Aqua Cacteen® – Cactus Extract – Creates a gentle film on the skin. Shaving stressed skin is soothing.

    ZEITGARD Serox Complete Set

    Set from the ZEITGARD Serox Care System Series:
    ♥ Serum for Instant Results 30ml
    ♥ Cream For Intensive Result 50ml
    ♥ Anti-Wrinkle Care 15ml
    ♥ Professional Eye Pads: 4 x 2 pads
    ♥ Lip Optimizer 15ml
    ♥ Instant Skin Perfector 30ml

    ZEITGARD Racine Full Set

    Effective basic care provides tired, lost vitality with hydration and new energy.
    For a fresh and vibrant complexion.
    Even before the appearance of the first wrinkles, you can counteract the aging processes through the complex of coenzyme Q10 and algae contained in the products.
    The series supports the overall energy balance in the cells, activates the skin and gives more freshness and vitality.

    ZEITGARD Nanogold Full Set

    This luxurious, gentle-textured facial care product can help prevent premature aging caused by sunlight.
    It nourishes and pampers the skin throughout the day.
    The combination of active ingredients keeps the skin elastic.
    It is also ideal as a make-up base.
    With Nanogold, silk proteins, special Aglycal® complex, TIMP-Peptiden® and the active ingredient Uvinul Aplus® *, which protects from UVA rays. (SPF 15)

    ZEITGARD Beauty Diamonds Anti-Age Series Full Set

    Mature, demanding skin has special needs and deserves care with selected ingredients.
    The Beauty Diamonds series helps to tighten the skin and with regular use reduces the visibility of wrinkles.
    Beauty Diamonds optimally supplies nourishing ingredients to mature, demanding skin.
    The formulas of the individual Beauty Diamonds products are enriched with special complexes of active ingredients.
    The active complex “Diamond Sirt” supports the natural mechanisms of skin regeneration and improves its appearance.

    ZEITGARD Blue Light Defender

    This intelligent serum protects the skin from premature aging caused by blue light.
    It penetrates deeper into the skin from UV rays and is emitted from the screens of all digital devices such as TVs, telephones, computers, etc., but is also part of daylight.
    Blue light can cause, among other things, oxidative stress and damage to DNA and skin cells and thus lead to premature aging – the so-called. digital aging.
    The LR ZEITGARD BLUE LIGHT DEFENDER serum with spirulina extract and blue lotus extract protects the skin from digital aging through its unique triple action: …


    • Intense influx of hydration for more vitality of the skin
    • Helps renew skin cells
    • Reduces lines and wrinkles
    • Suitable for women and men after the age of 20
    • For dry and / or demanding skin

    ZEITGARD Anti-Age System Sleeping Mask

    1. Intensive supply of hydration
    2. Supporting the natural regeneration of the skin
    3. Anti-age effect for youthful skin:
    • The perfect addition to daily care for all ages
    • Easy and relaxing application at night