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Aloe Vera Facial Care Kit

♦ Complete care for beautiful and radiant skin
♦ Suitable for every skin type
→ Aloe Vera Multi-active day cream for soft, smooth and radiant skin
→ Aloe Vera Regenerating night cream to restore the skin at night
→ Aloe Vera Perfecting eye cream to refresh the eye area

Magic Bubbling Mask

New! Detox mask for clean and radiantly beautiful skin
Deep cleansing and a great experience
Action you can see, feel and hear: bubbling, pinching, bubbles bursting
With Aloe Vera, moringa extract and ginger extract
With a bubbling effect
Suitable for every skin type

Young, dynamic people following fashion trends – this description corresponds to the target group of Aloe Vera Magic Bubble Mask.
Those who are looking for deep cleansing of the skin, intensive supply of hydration and prevention of the accumulation of new impurities will be thrilled – regardless of their skin type and gender.
Want radiantly beautiful skin?
Then Aloe Vera Magic Bubble Mask is just for you and among other things will bring you a lot of fun.

Balancing Cleansing Milk

Gentle cleansing milk for the face

50% Aloe Vera gel and wild rose bioextract

Gently cleanses the skin and removes makeup and dirt

Preserves the skin’s natural hydrobalance

Suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

Hydra Express Moisturizing Face Mask


Refreshing gel-cream for the face

With 50% Aloe Vera gel, wild rose bioextract and a combination of active ingredients from Aquaxyl and Aquapront ™

Gives the skin up to 95% more hydration in just 3 minutes

Improves elasticity and hydrobalance

The skin looks refreshed and the complexion glows

The invigorating texture of the gel-cream leaves the skin refreshed and makes the complexion glow.
The combination of Aloe Vera gel, wild rose bioextract and Aquaxyl and Aquapront ™ gives the skin up to 95% more hydration in just 3 minutes and improves its elasticity.
• 50% Aloe Vera gel hydrates dry and irritated skin.
• Aquapront ™ serves as a wrinkle filler, shrinks pores and improves skin appearance immediately.
• Extremely gentle Aquaxyl ™ reduces water loss from the skin.
• Panthenol improves and increases the skin’s ability to retain hydration.


ZEITGARD Serox Lip Optimizer

Balm for more voluminous and sensual lips

Gives the lips up to 15% more volume

Visible reduction of lip wrinkles

Tighter and better shaped lip contours

Rich, nourishing texture – easy to apply

Regenerating BB Cream for Dry and Sensitive Skin

Action by nature
The delicate, non-greasy formula attacks 6 imperfections of the skin. Matches and controls greasing. It flattens the tan and gives a shine to ideally cover the drawbacks. Regenerates and permanently hydrates. Smooths fine wrinkles as a result of carefully selected, state-of-the-art active ingredients. Protects against harmful UV rays with SPF 20.
The cream forms a thin and light color film on the skin that controls the sebaceous secretion, covers the imperfections perfectly, giving a clean and radiant look to the face. The skin is tight and incredibly dense, smooth and young!

Is it right for me – Suitable for normal, dry and sensitive skin.Available in 2 shades – lighter and darker.

Nourishing Cream “Rose & Geranium”

Rich in herbal oils of Shea, Jojoba, Macadamia And Evening Primrose

Soft and gentle touch with Rose and Geranium

For daily care, morning and evening

Particularly suitable for stressed, irritated and dry skin

For a fresh and radiant look

100% herbal cream, a fine texture for quick absorption by the skin
30 ml. / 1 fl.oz.

Handmade natural cosmetics with effective and environmentally friendly care for healthy and protected skin.
Arvena face creams are high quality products that meet the standards of the modern woman.
Arvena face creams are 100% herbal, have excellent skin compatibility, fine texture and superb qualities of combined organic and essential oils and bio rose water.

Microsilver Plus Face Care Set

Microsilver Plus Face Wash

Special care for impure, oily, irritated facial skin

With antibacterial and antiviral MicroSilver BG ™

Deeply cleanses pores, soothes and regenerates skin, salicylic acid opens pores

Suitable against imperfections or oily skin


Microsilver Plus Face Cream

Special care for impure, oily, irritated facial skin

With antibacterial and antiviral MicroSilver BG ™

Reduces imperfections and improves skin appearance

Suitable against imperfections or oily skin.

Aloe Vera Skin Refining Face Scrub

Gentle gel peeling for the face with natural peeling particles of crushed bamboo powder. Improves the appearance of the skin without disturbing its natural balance.
Gently removes dead cells and stimulates blood circulation.
For radiant fresh skin with 50% Aloe Vera and wild rose bioextract.
It is possible to use peels to cause pimples – wild rose has a soothing effect on the skin in this case.

After peeling, the skin not only immediately looks fresher, but also better absorbs other care products such as Aloe Vera Face Mask.
Therefore, regularly peel your skin.
Aloe Vera facial peel is also ideal as a hand peel.
Be sure to apply a care product afterwards.