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With a Good Makeup & Brush,
Every Woman Can Be àn Ártist∫

Déluxé ~ Fantastic Mascara ~ Black Drama

• Even thicker, longer and defined – perfect ultra-black 3D lashes
• Intelligent three-layer texture: more saturated color, more volume and better shaping with each subsequent application
• Special brush structure: wavy bristles for a perfect result from the base to the tip of the lashes
• For the “artificial eyelashes” effect

Dá Víncí Makeup Brushes Set

◊ Handmade Brushes in Germany

◊ With extra fine synthetic bristles and a practical handle

◊ For uniform application of liquid and creamy make-up

Dá Víncí Makeup Brushes Set
For perfectly make-up face.
This professional brushes not only allows the precise application of color.
Their oblique shape, also allows the creation thin or wider lines.
This way you always control the color amount.

Déluxé ~ Four Artistic Eye Shadows

• Perfectly combined shades for countless color combinations
• 4 colors baked eye shadows
• Gentle, satin play of colors with delicate to intense shine
• Extremely silky soft and highly pigmented professional texture
• Wet & Dry texture: allows dry or wet application – moisten the applicator for this purpose
• Suitable for all skin types

Déluxé ~ Activating Eyelash Serum

• Eyelash serum with good skin tolerance with growth-stimulating active complex
• Proven to lengthen and thicken lashes
• Up to 35% longer lashes after only 6 weeks *
• Reduced eyelash loss and maximum density
• For women with sparse and short lashes who want to have long and thick lashes

* Maximum measured eyelash length after 6 weeks: up to 35% longer lashes

Déluxé ~ Hollywood Multi-Color Powder

• Ideal for every day and every skin tone
• Yellow makes the complexion radiant and fresh
• Beige evens out differences in pigmentation
• Green masks reddish capillaries and pigments
• The make-up is fixed and the complexion is softened, even and radiant

Déluxé ~ Perfect Powder Rougé

• Silk powder, which gives an impressive color and shine
• Harmoniously matte colors create fresh accents and emphasize the cheekbones
• Two colors that can be used separately or mixed for countless color options
• Both options are suitable for every complexion and skin type

Déluxé ~ Perfect Wear Foundation

• Silk texture with medium coverage, which blends optimally with the skin
• For flawless, radiant complexion and perfect skin without “mask” effect
• Effective peptide complex for illuminating the face
• Proven sun protection factor SPF 30
• Suitable for every skin type

Déluxé ~ Brilliant Lip Gloss

• Glamorous, radiant, vibrant colors
• 3D effect: lips look thicker
• With nourishing ingredients

Suitable for all skin types. Pre-prepare chapped lips with lip peel.

The brilliant lip gloss is available in 6 shades: Nude Shine, Dramatic Rosewood, Pink Brilliance, Berry Glam, Orange Flash and Rose Temptation.
The creamy, nourishing texture stays lightly on the lips without sticking.
The shiny particles reflect light and make the lips look brighter and more voluminous.

Déluxé ~ Quick Wrinkle Filler

• Fills the outside of wrinkles, bumps and small scars
• Long-lasting texture for an even complexion
• Apply under the foundation and wait a while for it to dry

Mature skin with the first signs of wrinkles. Generally for skin with bumps.

Optically fills in wrinkles and bumps and makes them look more even under makeup.

Apply the Quick Wrinkle Filler on the relevant wrinkles and bumps, spread well and leave for a short time. If the pencil gets dull, just sharpen it.

After applying the filler, apply the Perfect Wear Foundation evenly over the entire face with the Dá Víncí Foundation Brush.

Coloũrs ~ Nail Care Kit

Coloũrs Serum for Hands and Nails

• 2 in 1: skin and nail care
• Suitable for every skin type
• Especially suitable for sensitive and cracked skin
• With grape seed oil, avocado, jojoba and vitamin E.
• Gentle care for sensitive skin

Coloũrs Nail Therapy Polish

• Ideal for soft, brittle nails
• Vitamin E and bamboo extract for improved elasticity and resistance of nails
• Keratin components restore nails and stimulate their healthy growth
• Suitable primarily for soft, damaged nails

Coloũrs ~ Concealer Stick

• Easy dosing thanks to the rotation and clicking system
• Four different colors for different applications or skin types
• Conceals uniformities
• Easy to apply, perfect coverage
• For a natural look
• With avocado oil
• With hydrating Aloe Vera
• Suitable for every skin type
• The concealer should be a shade lighter than the skin tone, but in no case darker

Coloũrs ~ Compact Powder

• Perfectly matte complexion – and for the road
• Soft, light texture that brightens the skin and allows it to breathe
• With pure minerals and Phycocorail®
• Suitable for all skin types

The compact Coloũrs Compact Powder mattifies the Võn Dé Ten and thus prevents the skin from shining without drying it out.
Fits the natural skin tone and reduces the visibility of irregularities.

Apply the appropriate shade of the compact powder with the sponge or Dá Víncí Powder Brush from the middle of the face to the outer parts.

Coloũrs ~ Glossy Lipstick

• The perfect combination of lipstick and lip gloss
• Long-lasting and hydrating
• With a tempting fruity taste
• Practical system with rotation
• Also suitable for dry lips thanks to the nourishing ingredients

The texture of the Shiny Lipstick offers a gloss of lip gloss and strong lipstick pigmentation.
Available in 6 shades:
Crystal Caramel, Crystal Rose, Crystal Peach, Crystal Mauve, Crystal Plum and Crystal Berry.
The creamy, nourishing texture stays lightly on the lips without sticking.

Coloũrs ~ Mascara Volume & Curl

• Gives exceptional volume and gently separates the lashes
• The slightly curved brush “combs” the lashes and creates an incredible curve
• Also suitable for wearing contact lenses

The Volume & Curl Mascara lifts the lashes and with its curved brush gives them a slight curve.
The Extreme Volume Mascara makes the lashes look more voluminous.
Thanks to the pointed tip of the brush, the lashes in the inner and outer corner of the eye can be easily reached.
The Length & Definition Mascara features a waterproof and thus long-lasting texture.
The fine brush shapes and separates the lashes and makes them look longer.

Hold the brush upright and dab the lashes with light zigzag movements from the base to the top to add more volume and length.
Then change the technique and move the brush vertically upwards to part and curl the lashes.
You can repeat several times, because with each application the mascara gives more color, volume and definition.
Once the mascara on the upper lashes dries, apply on the lower ones.

To emphasize the eyes even more, contour them with the Coloũrs Eye Pencil and apply Coloũrs Eye Shadows on the eyelid.

Coloũrs ~ Eye Shadows

• Double color strength
• Bright colors with a brightening effect
• Gentle powdery texture with light-reflecting elements
• With pure minerals and Phycocorail®
• They do not contain talc

• Combination of two perfectly combined colors
• Powdery texture with reflective pigments

• The right combination of colors for every skin tone
• Also suitable for wearing contact lenses

Highly pigmented, powdery shadows are applied and poured effortlessly.
Depending on the color and saturation, simple and natural or more glamorous and exciting visions can be created.

Apply a lighter tone of eye shadow from the edge of the lashes to under the eyebrows.
With a darker tone, apply shades to the crease of the eyelid and the outer corner of the eye.
Then blend the tones to make smooth transitions.

Coloũrs ~ True Coloũr Nail Polish

• Perfect finish, brilliantly glossy finish, saturated colors, durability
• Professional brush that fits the shape of the nail, for precise application of color in just one movement
• Suitable for natural and artificial nails